A brand-new late-’60s Yenko Camaro can now be yours

For those who have dreamt of a 427-powered first-generation Camaro, your moment has arrived. Brand New Muscle Car is building them again, and while they won’t come cheap, these continuation models will be more affordable than a copy minted in the ‘60s. And just as capable of turning heads.

When Camaro debuted for 1967, the compact pony car could be had with one of two straight sixes; a small-block in 302-, 327-, or 350-cubic-inch displacement; or any big-block you wanted—as long as it was a 396. The vaunted 427 was reserved for mid-size cars, full-size cars, and Corvette.* That is, unless you were Don Yenko of Yenko Chevrolet. In that case, you bypassed the red tape that existed before Chevrolet’s Central Office Production Order (COPO) system was established in 1969, and your dealership installed L72 427s itself. Yenko Chevrolet also worked its magic on tuning Corvairs and performing big-block swaps on Novas, although the most famous result is the Yenko Camaro.

1969 Yenko Chevrolet Camaro Rear 3/4
1969 Yenko Chevrolet Camaro Mecum
1969 Yenko Chevrolet Camaro Engine
1969 Yenko Chevrolet Camaro Mecum

Yenko sold the first-generation Camaro, powered by the biggest of Chevrolet’s ’60s big-block V-8s, and their reputation on the street and strip became the stuff of legend. Today, a 1969 Yenko Camaro in good condition is worth more than $200,000, but finally there’s a way to own a Yenko without having to search high and low.

Brand New Muscle Car will build customers a licensed continuation version of the ’67, ’68, or ’69 Yenko 427, starting with a donor car or using all-new sheetmetal. Engine options include three versions of 427-cu-in Chevrolet V-8: an original-style big-block, a Gen-1 small-block stroker, and a Gen-3 LS7. Opt for air conditioning, fuel injection, and a six-speed manual transmission for a Pro Touring restomod or go for a concours-correct recreation—the choice is up to you. A right-hand-drive conversion is also available for Camaro fans in Australia, Japan, India, the UK, or wherever else they drive on the wrong side of the road. Packages start at $150,000.

*A tall-deck version of the 427 was also available in heavy-duty trucks.

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