May the 4th be with you: Star Wars spacecraft to buy, sell, or hold

Considering the date—May the 4th be with you!—we’ve decided to broaden our horizons a bit (OK, a lot) and take a more galactic view of the collector vehicle market. If you’re looking for something out of this world, here is our Star Wars-inspired list of “vehicles” to buy, sell, or hold right now.

BUY: Corellian YT-1300 / Millenium Falcon 96

Millennium Falcon (Corellian YT-1300f Light Freighter)
Millennium Falcon (Corellian YT-1300f Light Freighter) EA Games

Specs: Built by Corellian Engineering Corp. Length: 34.75 meters; Engine unit: Girodyne SRB42 sublight; Max speed: 1050 km/h; Hyperdrive system: Isu-Sim SSP05. Original MSRP: 299,999 Credits (plus aftermarket modifications)

Made famous by the Millenium Falcon custom version of the popular light freighter, this “piece of junk” played a bigger role in “A Galaxy Far, Far Away” than any character since Yoda went CGI. A timeless collector’s item with no equal in the universe, the YT-1300’s undying dependability makes it a forever spaceship in the market. If you come across one, grab it because you may never have the chance to buy another. Just pack a leaf blower and an industrial-size lint roller for all the Wookie hair.

BUY: Naboo N-1 Starfighter 91

N-1 Starfighter Naboo
Naboo N-1 Starfighter Disney

Specs: Built by Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corp. Length: 11 meters; Engine unit: Two J-type; Max speed: 1100 km/h; Hyperdrive system: Monarc C-4. Original MSRP: 199,999 Credits.

Once ignored because it debuted in the worst-ever Star Wars movie—Episode I: The Phantom Menace (where it was sloppily piloted by a snot-nosed Haley Joel Osment rip-off)—the sleek Naboo Starfighter is both rare and surprisingly adept as a fighter. And unlike other single-passenger fighters, there’s room to bring your droid. Sporting buffed chromium brightwork and head-turning yellow paint, the N-1 struck fear in the mechanical hearts of evil droids during the Clone Wars, and it flew proudly above Naboo after the destruction of the Trade Federation Battleships. With impressive handling, good looks, and royal heritage, you won’t regret buying one.

SELL: DS-1 (Death Star) Orbital Battle Station 49

Death Star II
DS-1 (Death Star) Orbital Battle Station Disney

Specs: Built by Advanced Weapons Research, Kuat Drive Yards, and Sienar Fleet Systems. Width: 160 kilometers; Engine unit: Equipped; Max speed: N/A; Hyperdrive rating: Class 4 (Class 20 backup). Original MSRP: Estimated 1 trillion Credits.

Shoddy design work, forced labor, and government bailouts left this moon-sized star-killer with a glaring flaw—that pesky exhaust port at the end of the trench. It’s a huge investment, suffers from sloppy handling, and has a really solid chance of blowing up sooner or later. And restoration costs would be out of this universe. Head for the escape pod ASAP.

SELL: T-16 Skyhopper 45

T-16 Skyhopper
T-16 Skyhopper Mark Molnar/Wookieepedia

Specs: Built by Incom Corp. Length: 5.2 meters; Height: 10.4 meters; Engine unit(s): E-16/x ion engine and DCJ-45 repulsorlift generator; Max speed: 1200 km/h; Hyperdrive system: None. Original MSRP: 14,500 Credits.

The Skyhopper may have all the looks of a classic airspeeder, but it can be dangerous, even in the hands of the most experienced pilot. Biggs Darklighter once lamented, “They move awfully fast for tropospheric craft—faster than they need to. Keep playing engine jockey with one and someday—whammo! You’re nothing more than a dark spot on the damp side of a canyon wall.” Build quality is suspect, as well. Don’t be swept up in comparisons to its big brother, the legendary X-Wing. Due to the unorthodox routing of its starboard hydraulics, the T-16 can suffer from the dreaded “Imperial Salute” when transitioning to landing mode, with only the port wing retracting. Incom issued a recall, but for some owners it has become a point of pride. Modifications to operate the wings independently are common, allowing pilots to give the T-16 wave by rotating a wing back and forth. Naturally, this maneuver is best left to orbital flight. If you find a pilot daring enough to ignore the dangers and own one of his own, cash out immediately and get as many Creds as you can.

HOLD: T65 X-Wing Starfighter 82

T-65B X-wing Starfighter
T-65B X-Wing Starfighter EA Games

Specs: Built by Incom Corp. Length: 12.5 meters; Engine unit(s): Incom 4L4 fusial thrust (alternate: Incom 4j.4 fusial thrust); Max speed: 1050 km/h (higher speeds possible with deflector shields on); Hyperdrive system: Incom GBk-585. Original MSRP: 149,999 Credits.

This is the little proton-torpedoed dynamo that took down the Evil Empire. These things never go out of style, and with the historical pedigree of many battles won, you’ll want to leave this baby in original condition—scars and all. Supply has dwindled since the Rebel fleet was destroyed, so you may want to cut the thrusters and see how the market responds. With that said, don’t give up your pilot’s seat in the Rebel Alliance just yet, because the X-Wing is still on course to appreciate for millennia to come.

HOLD: TIE/LN Starfighter 80

TIE/LN Starfighter
TIE/LN Starfighter Hans Jenssen/Wookieepedia

Specs: Built by Sienar Fleet Systems. Length: 6.3 meters; Engine unit(s): P-s4 twin ion engines and P-w401 icon maneuvering jets; Max speed: 1200 km/h; Hyperdrive system: None. Original MSRP: 60,000 Credits

With its sinister looks and reputation, the TIE Fighter is among the most polarizing spacecraft in the galaxy. It’s also a potent killing machine, thanks to its L-s1 laser cannons. Judging from the less-than-stellar aim of most Imperial pilots, however, the TIE Fighter clearly requires much more training and target practice than other battle-ready craft in its class. With a dedicated cult-like following, particularly among disillusioned Vader fanatics, the cyclops-like TIE Fighter definitely has a niche in the marketplace. But pack your patience as you wait for just the right buyer to come along.

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