Meet Brabham Automotive’s lightest-ever track terror, the BT62 “Competition”


The Australian-made, naturally-aspirated 5.4-liter V-8-powered Brabham BT62 debuted as a 700-horsepower track-exclusive car producing 2645 pounds of downforce. Then, without changing the overall production cap of 70 cars, Brabham Automotive came up with a package that makes the BT62 street-legal, pretty much the same way as Lanzante Motorsport can get a McLaren P1 GTR registered for your grocery run. Now, here’s the third Brabham BT62 variant for 2020: the Competition specification.

The standard-spec “Ultimate Track Car” Brabham BT62 comes with a dry weight of just 2143 pounds and already includes all sorts of tracktime-shredding goodies, like an FIA-compliant carbon-chromoly safety cell with an integrated roll cage, the 700-hp V-8 mated to a 6-speed sequential gearbox, carbon-carbon brakes with motorsport-spec ABS and traction control, center-locking wheels, a pneumatic jacking system, a removable steering wheel, and an aero package that can generate a whopping 2645 pounds of downforce at race pace.

Brabham BT62 Competition Spec

The Competition specification features the same hardware, but cuts a further 17.5 pounds by having a wrap over its carbon-fiber body instead of paint and using exposed carbon in the interior without any trim in sight. Brabham also deleted the passenger seat and the Initial Spares Pack, both of which can be included as options. However, if you choose the ultra-stripped Competition-spec, the lightest BT62 can be yours for $965,700 plus tax. That’s still steep—yet, considerably cheaper than the Ultimate Track BT62 at over $1.5 million, or the road conversion at $1.75 million.

Mind you, if the BT62 Competition turns out to be just a touch too focused, Brabham will be happy to upgrade it to either of the higher-spec variants. Deliveries of the BT62 Competition spec begin in early 2020, “in time for the Northern Hemisphere racing season.”

Brabham BT62 Competition Spec
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