BAC waves goodbye to the Mono One with a trio of $205,000 special editions


Offering a unique single-seater road car experience without much compromising performance, the BAC Mono One is a futuristic adrenalin bomb that’s been impressing drivers for almost a decade now. Interestingly, during its genesis, the founders of the Briggs Automotive Company were inspired by Bjork’s 1999 “All Is Full Of Love” music video, which featured a robot responsible for the Mono’s primary aesthetic. One point to Iceland, and a high-five to MTV.

What used to be Music Television might have lost its relevance, but not the Mono. This single-seater sports car remains an absolute riot in 2020, still throwing a dry weight of 1278 pounds against a rev-happy four-cylinder pushing out 305 horsepower and 227 lb-ft of torque. That’s punchy enough for a zero-to-60 run in 2.7 seconds, and a top speed of 170 mph, without a windshield.

As BAC is preparing to switch into even higher gears, the company has announced the final three Mono Ones, called Iconic White, Carbon Black, and Neon Red editions. You’ll be able to tell these apart for having Bjork-robot-inspired logos on their wings and headrests, as well as $205,000 price tags. Still, rather fast swan songs from Liverpool.

BAC Mono One

Of the final trio, the Iconic White edition sports a gloss white exterior similar to the first-ever Mono launched in 2011 at the Retro Classics Show in Stuttgart. Most BAC customers opted for white since. The Carbon Black Mono One features a visible carbon bodywork without charging Ford’s rates for this feature, complete with contrasting red logos, stitching, and carbon-hybrid-wheel decals. Finally, there’s the Neon Red edition, which is the same idea using a red colour scheme with white detailing. All three come with a matching helmet.

BAC will launch a brand new model at the Geneva Motor Show next month, but in case you can’t wait for that and have already missed out on your favorite Bjork-inspired design, the 340-horsepower, 1223-pound Mono R will still be there to solve your problem.

BAC Mono One


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