Aston Martin offers an official nose job for the Vantage

Aston Martin

Aston Martin is offering owners in the U.K. the chance to swap the gaping grille on their Vantage for a more appealing, more traditional version.

Although the original front end of the car does include a fine mesh, it essentially looks like a black hole. It was a hole that many clearly despised, leading the aftermarket to solve the problem. British composite specialist Revenant Automotive stepped in with a design that split the massive air intake in two, with a slatted upper half and a mesh lower portion.

Now Aston Martin Works has got in on the action with a new nose that features vanes across the full width and depth of the opening. The replacement requires a trip to Aston Martin Works, where the original front end (see below) gets modified and the new grille (see above) is fitted and painted. It’s a specialist job to match the paint so it is not being offered at dealerships.

The service is currently only available in Britain, so American Aston Martin owners will have to canvas the U.S. office if they want to facelift their cars with the factory blessing.

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