Does the Aston Martin Vantage need a nose job?

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Revenant Automotive

Just like the new BMW 4 Series the Aston Martin Vantage has a snoot that divides opinion. Some say it’s aggressively-styled, others that it looks like the car is about to lose its lunch.

If you’re of the latter persuasion, then you’re in luck, as British composite specialist Revenant Automotive has redesigned the whole front bumper to give the Vantage a more classic stance. Instead of the single massive opening, Revenant’s nosecone has two intakes. The upper features simple horizontal slats and the lower a high-flow hexagonal mesh that harks back to the DB7.

The nosecones are hand-made in the U.K. from lightweight composites by the same craftsmen that supply components to F1 teams. Want a modern look with exposed 2×2 twill herringbone autoclave-cured carbon fiber? No problem. In fact there are so many options available that Revenant has its own online configurator which also includes a number of other cosmetic enhancements such as carbon side grilles.

Does this facial surgery beautify or botch the Vantage? Take a look at the before and after photos and let us know in the comments.

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