Lagonda All-Terrain Concept previews the future of Aston Martin’s Luxury EV brand

Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept low 3/4 Aston Martin

What we frequently call Aston Martin is actually Aston Martin Lagonda. The cars, likethe DB series, are Aston Martins. The company is Aston Martin Lagonda. Why does that third name matter? Because it will soon be a standalone brand of ultra-luxury EVs, and the Lagonda All-Terrain concept is one step closer to an eventual production car coming in 2022.

This concept car, though, is full of fantasy. The gee-whiz good kind of stuff you see on concept cars that you wish could be real. Instead of an array of screens for panoramic distraction, the All-Terrain concept has the instrument cluster set into the steering wheel. A bit tough to make work with an airbag in real life, but this is a concept car and its purpose is to express themes.

Aston Martin Lagonda All-Terrain Concept interior
Aston Martin
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Aston Martin

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Aston Martin

One of those themes is the personal nature of the relationship between the car and its occupants. Or, as Aston Martin Lagonda design chief Marek Reichman states in the company’s press release:

“We wanted the technology in the Lagonda All-Terrain Concept to bring a sense of personality to the vehicle. Just as with the materials and the exterior design, the technology should be warm and involving rather than cold and impersonal. This is the future and it should be something that people are inspired and delighted by rather than perplexed and frightened by.”

Thus the All-Terrain concept doesn’t have a lot of screens or visible air conditioning vents, but front seats that swivel around to face the rear seats. There is a shelf that slides out of the rear floor when the hatch is open, designed expressly to sit on. And then there is the All-Terrain Concept’s key: a floating puck. Magnets suspend the fob in mid-air above a small dish in the center console.

It’s a reasonable assumption that the reborn Lagonda’s first production vehicle, coming in 2022, will be an SUV similar to the All-Terrain. The taller proportions of a crossover make it easier to package battery packs. What’s more is that Aston Martin’s own SUV, the DBX, will be built at the same factory in Wales where Lagonda models will come to life.

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