The all-electric BMW 2021 i4 will boast 530 hp along with its giant grille

2021 BMW i4 BMW

To follow up on the funky i3 city car and the not-entirely-electric (yet vastly expensive) i8, BMW will launch a whole fleet of more modern, conventional electric cars, starting with the iX3 crossover next year. The i4 sedan will follow sometime in 2021.

While we can only show you pictures of BMW i Vision Dynamics Concept from 2017 for now, we know that the four-door following it will not only be be built on the same modular platform as the next 3 and 4 Series models, but, as confirmed to Roadshow, will also pack 530 horsepower and an 80-kWh battery pack for a range north of the 350-mile mark. And since we expect the upcoming M3/M4 pair to have around 500 hp, the i4 promises to be a rather sporty alternative to the more traditional combustion duo.

BMW says upcoming EV models will also feature its new Generation 5 batteries, which are not only smaller but also better suited for fast charging. According to BMW, if plugged to a 150-kW DC charger, an 80-percent charge can be achieved in roughly 35 minutes. The i4 will also be able to add 62 miles of juice in six minutes, although we’d take that figure with a bit of salt.

2021 BMW i4
2021 BMW i4

BMW’s Generation 5 EV system features a new drive unit that packages the motor, the transmission, and the control unit into one housing. These then can be mounted on either axle, or on both in case the plan happens to involve an all-wheel-drive sedan with 530 hp.

Unavoidable huge grille or not, BMW’s next-gen EV package sounds promising, even knowing that we’ll have to wait a bit longer until it finally arrives in the metal.

2021 BMW i4
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