2024 Silverado HD is smarter, more luxurious, and more powerful


Chevrolet is going all out on its 2024 lineup of pickups. The Silverado EV will be in full swing, Colorado is coming off of a total redesign, and now we’ve learned that its HD lineup is getting a significant refresh that will make these trucks a more comfortable and productive place to work and play. Most noticeable is the new exterior look with a fascia that uses C-shaped headlights that are pushed to the corners and flank a new grille. This new look is every bit as bold as the previous truck if a bit less polarizing.

Inside, all trim levels LT and above will receive an updated interior that the half-tons received starting in 2023. That includes a new dash with a 13.4-inch infotainment screen in the center stack, as well as a reconfigurable 12.3-inch driver information center. For those that prefer knobs and dials, Chevy kept physical controls for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, as well as one for stereo volume.

On the powertrain side, the 6.6-liter gasoline V-8 remains with the same 401 horsepower and 464 lb-ft of torque, but it now comes standard with the 10-speed Allison transmission that was previously only found on the Duramax-equipped HDs. Not only are the spacings between gears shortened compared to the previous six-speed automatic, which keeps the truck closer to its peak power, but the gasoline HD’s 3.73:1 rear axle ratio carries over. That means that torque multiplication in the 10-speed’s first gear has increased by more than 12 percent. The switch to the 10-speed allows the gasoline HDs to increase their tow ratings by nearly 2000 pounds, with conventional towing as high as 18,200 pounds and fifth-wheel and gooseneck towing ratings as high as 22,500. The bigger news is that the 6.6-liter Duramax diesel V-8 has been upgraded with an SAE-certified 470hp and 975 lb-ft of torque. That’s up from the current L5P Duramax’s ratings of 445hp and 910 lb-ft of torque. Chevrolet told us that those improvements are thanks to a new, more efficient turbocharger, upgrades to the engine controller and sensors, as well as modified piston topography that works with the injectors to get fuel where it’s most needed to produce power.

We’ve yet to see a dyno chart that compares the two versions of the engine, but we’re told low-end torque has been increased by up to 25 percent for improved towing and hauling. This new Duramax is also more efficient than before, but since heavy-duty trucks aren’t EPA-rated like their 1/2-ton brethren, we may have to wait until these get into owners’ hands to get some idea of the improvement. Despite the significant upgrades, Chevrolet plans to keep the L5P engine designation, the same one used since 2020. That upgrade in power and torque has not translated to major changes in diesel towing capacity, as Chevrolet had already rated the 3500 dual-rear-wheel as high as 36,000 pounds. Likewise, all trucks keep similar payload ratings, with the presumably heavier Allison dropping gasoline payloads by around 150 pounds, with diesel trucks dropping a few pounds of payload here and there due to increases in standard content.

Instead of major changes to towing capacity, Chevrolet focused on a host of new technologies that seek to give drivers more confidence when towing. Up to 14 unique camera views help when hitching up as well as hauling. Enhanced Transparent Trailer is a further evolution of Chevrolet’s camera technology that uses cameras mounted on the trailer and on the truck to stitch together a view of what’s behind the trailer. Low tech blends with high tech as extended blind zone alerts, as well as extendable tow mirrors, also help keep tabs on surrounding traffic. For the first time in a Chevrolet truck, adaptive cruise control can be used while towing and takes trailer drag and increased braking distance into consideration. There’s also a Gross Combined Weight Alert system that helps drivers know if they’re overloaded by measuring acceleration compared to throttle input.

Chevrolet ZR2 pickup grille emblem teaser
This teaser photo of the grille and “Flowtie” is the only thing that Chevrolet would give us regarding the ZR2 HD. Chevrolet

The 2024 model year marks the first time Chevrolet will offer a heavy-duty version of the ZR2 off-road trim, which has been a favorite of ours in both Colorado and Silverado 1500 flavors. We’ll keep our eyes open for more details there, as that’s expected to be a later addition to the lineup. Another option that’s sure to be popular is the Midnight Edition of the luxurious High Country trim. Midnight Edition adds a black chrome grille with a silver Bow Tie, 20-inch black wheels, black chrome emblems, and black power steps.

Chevrolet is eager to hit the ground running with these updated trucks, which start production in the first half of 2023 at General Motors’ Flint (Michigan) Assembly and at Oshawa Assembly in Ontario, Canada. Chevy is no doubt hoping that it can keep its hold on the #1 spot in retail market share in light-duty and heavy-duty trucks. Of course, Ford and Ram won’t be resting on their laurels.



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    Apparently posting 4 comments in a day is too much for this version of the site? Ridiculous.

    This is a fast move away from the electric-shaver front end and a bit cowardly on GM really.

    I personally find ever truck refreshed since about 2015 to be way to large.

    My brother has a newer chev, the dashboard is so deep it feels like you are sitting on couch in a Futureshop looking at electronics.

    It looks less ugly than before, however it is still no beauty queen. Sounds like they made some nice incremental improvements.

    The things are way to nose high,22 Denali is far harder to drive and see to park than the 2009 Silverado I have.To Goddam high as well. Need boards for entry and forget about reaching into the box. This five of these in 7 years. Ford looking good. Form follows function design mandate. Fire the design team,Ps Focus on function,want to haul,not watch tv.

    Is the engine in this new one going to self destruct with the stupid V-8-6-4 garbage ? Like every one GM has made has done ?
    They couldn’t do cylinder deactivation in the 80s and they can’t do it now .

    The lifters collapse and destroy the entire engine

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