New 2020 Mustang GT500 crashed in Detroit

An accident involving two S550 Mustangs, at least one of them a 2020 GT500, has closed traffic on northbound lanes of Michigan’s I-75 at Gratiot Avenue on December 17. has helicopter footage of the accident that shows a late-model Ford Super Duty dually pulling a multi-car trailer that’s severely jackknifed, with the trailer and its contents on their sides. Of the two Mustangs in the video, one is clearly a 2020 GT500 in Grabber Lime—the hood vents over its 760-horsepower supercharged V-8 are a dead giveaway. Both still look like they have their window stickers in place.

The truck towing the trailer looks to be dinged up, but the passenger cabin looks totally intact—hopefully everyone is OK. As sad as it is to see a workhorse and some powerful ponies dented, especially before they can even tear up the track, Ford can always crank out a few more Mustangs and Super Duties.

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