Aston Martin partners with Brough Superior for 100 futuristic AMB 001

The Brough Superior name means high performance to those in the know. However, the most famous Brough Superior bikes are nearing a century old. In a bid to change that, the brand partnered with Aston Martin for the AMB 001. Is this sleek-styled, high-tech track bike one for the history books?

The futuristic and artful motorcycle is an amalgam of the Aston Martin design team and Brough Superior engineering. The easily visible parts of the bike are swoopy and covered in colors and materials from the Aston Martin catalog. The carbon-fiber fairings are coated in Stirling Green, a color you might recognize from other bespoke Aston Martin creations.

Peeking out from behind the curvaceous panels is a 997-cc V-twin engine developed by Brough Superior. The two chambers are pressure fed by a variable-vane turbocharger, and an intercooler keeps the intake charge to a workable temperature, which (pun intended) boosts output to 180 horsepower. Chunks of billet aluminum pop in contrast to the dark colors of the bodywork while also showing the stout nature of the engine construction. Sadly, the exotic Inconel exhaust largely hides behind the belly fairing.

An engine construction that likely won’t matter. The production run will be “strictly limited” to just 100 models, virtually ensuring that few, if any, of these hand-built AMB 001s will see the track—and that’s without accounting for the hefty $119,500 price tag.

Regardless, the AMB 001 is an amazing piece of kit that aligns nicely with the outrageousness of the Aston Martin Vulcan,  Valkyrie, and even the One 77. There is always a place for  showing what a company is capable of and the inclusion of Brough Superior in Aston’s latest attempt is cool in our book.

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