A century old, my 1922 Ford Model T still turns heads

Courtesy Tony Ventrice

As a child, I loved antique cars, so when I saw a 1922 Ford Model T Touring on eBay back in 2013, I snapped it up. I joined the Staten Island Region Antique Automobile Club of America and learned how to care for the Model T from members—and now good friends—Don and “Model T” Mike.

At automobile shows, I saw muscle cars and hot rods, but not enough antique cars. I wanted to preserve the history of these cars by keeping them as original as possible, and I put together a display of items associated with the Model T and its time period to show the significance of “the car that changed America.”

My car draws the biggest crowd at every event. Many people are surprised to see a Model T in person and are delighted to learn that I actually drive it—and that after 100 years, it’s still running. I can’t drive down the street without someone honking and giving a thumbs up. My wife and I go all out at car events with period clothing, and we are blessed by the passion people have for this car. We often do charity events and parades to show people what put America on wheels; the trophies we’ve won are amazing!

1920s Auto camping display
Courtesy Tony Ventrice

After searching for years for a rare 1920s camper that hitches to the Model T, I was so excited when I found one. It’s a treasure to own and makes a spectacular sight with all its correct 1920s camping accessories.

Henry Ford wanted to make his cars affordable so every family could purchase one, and he encouraged people to enjoy the great outdoors—dealerships sometimes gave away charcoal grills with a car. Even without hotels or frequent gas stations, they would venture out in their “campers,” which included accessories attached to the running boards—a toolbox and gas/water/oil cans. I am so proud to keep the memory of the Model T alive.

1922 Ford Model T Touring with top down front
Courtesy Tony Ventrice

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    I have always wanted to learn to drive a Model T. I know the HF museum was offering classes in how to drive new Model T cars they built at Greenfield Village.

    It just looked like something fun to master.

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