October 1st, 1908, Ford debuted the Model T


The automotive world is actually fairly young when it comes to collectible items. Firearms and art have literal centuries of artifacts for collectors to fawn over. Cars are getting there, though, especially since the Model T Ford celebrates its birthday today. So let’s take a minute to celebrate one of the cars that so drastically changed the automotive landscape and secured its place in history.

The first Model T rolled out of the Piquette plant on October 1, 1908. A reasonably basic car, the Model T’s starting price was a relatively high $850 compared to the budget status most associate with the Model T. Not until later in the production run did increased efficiency and Ford’s production integration allow prices to drop dramatically and allow those with meager budgets to replace their horse with a motorcar.

driving a 1908 Model T
1908 Model T Ford

By the end of production in 1927, 15 million Model Ts were loosed upon the world. It took decades for any car company to rival that production count for any specific model. The Model T was exported worldwide and even became the center of one of the best-known automotive myths.

Model Ts are still popular cars to restore, modify, and collect. Thanks to the massive production numbers, they are also affordable to enjoy and have significant aftermarket support for those looking to drive their T across town or across the country. When it comes to cars that earned their place in history, the Model T worked hard and deserves the respect of more than a big production number or low-price fun fact.

Hats off to the Model T, a car that continues to be fun well over 100 years on.

Henry Ford with a Model T in 1921
Henry Ford with a Model T in 1921 Ford
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