Ten holiday gifts that will make any car nut happy

We all have a car enthusiast in our lives, but perhaps you have a car guy or gal in your family that is hard to shop for because they seem to have everything they need. Lucky for you, there are certain items that automotive enthusiasts can’t get enough of. Whether it is protection for their vehicle, replacement tools, new innovative products or just something that will allow them to enjoy the hobby even more, here are 10 products the gearheads at Hagerty are using this year:

Mechanix: It’s the tool that fits like a glove. As a result of more than 20 years of research, development, design and innovation, Mechanix is the leader in high-performance hand protection, and everyone who spends a lot of time in the garage should have multiple pairs on hand. Click here to get the car guy or gal in your life the superior fit, feel and hand function that they need from the protection of work gloves.

Powerall: It’s every car guy and gal’s fear to be stranded on the way to their favorite car show with a dead battery and no help in sight. PowerAll has come up with the ultimate solution, and now anyone who has PowerAll’s portable jump starter on hand can get their car battery started in a matter of seconds. It also makes a great travel companion because it has the ability to charge other portable devices such as smart phones, tablets, cameras and GPS units. Click here to find out more about PowerAll’s Deluxe, Supreme or Goliath jump-starter versions.

Dynamat: When it comes to making a hot rod ride like a luxury car, Dynamat does the job. It is the most effective sound control material available, and it makes cars feel solid: Doors and trucks shut snug; rain, wind and road noise virtually disappear; and the car becomes a quiet, comfortable cruising environment. This ultimate automotive accessory can be purchased from a certified dealer such as Posies Rods and Customs.

Flat Jack: People who love their cars love to baby them, even while they are parked for long periods of time. That’s where Flat-jack’s inflatable cushions come in handy. Flat-jack is the best protection from flat-spot tire damage for all vehicles including classic cars, sports cars and campers. Distributing the entire weight of the vehicle over a large contact area eliminates the risk of flat spots in tires, and Flat-jack inflatable cushions increase this contact area by a factor of five. They also act as a barrier between the tires and the ground, therefore reducing tire damage caused by temperature fluctuations. The flexibility of these inflatable cushions relieves chassis tension and decreases weight load on the suspension and bearings. Click here to see what it’s like to park a vehicle on air!

Palm Beach Detailing Products: Give the car nut in your life the chance to make their paint shine like the pros do. They’ll learn every inch of the Flex XC3401 Dual Action Paint Polisher, how best to use the RUPES Paint Polishing System, and even how to polish a boat’s gel coat – all taught and authored by professional detailer and host of Velocity’s upcoming Competition Ready show, Mike Phillips. Select three books and gift the art of detailing knowledge with a three pack of Mike Phillips’ bestselling how-to guides. Each book retails for $19.99, but this special offer lets you select three books of your choice for just $39.99.

CTEK Battery Chargers: A good battery charger is a must for any garage, and we recommend more than one for multi-vehicle households. CTEK creates smart battery chargers that constantly read and communicate with the car’s battery, only charging to the battery’s direct needs and therefore avoiding the possibility of an incorrect charge, as a result lengthening the life of the battery. Use CTEK’s Battery Charger Chooser tool to see which charger is best for your lucky gift recipient.

Metrovac: 75 years of using their customer’s feedback to develop and improve their products has led Metrovac to be our first choice when it comes to automotive vacuums. Metrovac’s VAC ‘n BLO varieties not only vacuum embedded dirt and sand from carpeting with incredible suction power, but can also clear water from inaccessible areas, blast dust from A/C vents, blow away leaves from the garage and inflate rafts or air mattresses. Be prepared to be blown away by Metrovac’s wide array of quality products.

California Car Cover Co.: For the clean freak on your list, here’s a great detailing kit from California Car Cover Co., which includes the products needed to keep that brilliant luster going between deep clean sessions, including their signature wood handle Original California Car Duster featuring paraffin wax baked into 100 percent cotton strands to lift and remove dust. The kit also includes a three-pack of Quick Shine Premium Microfiber Towels and a two-pack of Tire & Trim Applicators to use with the following three 16-oz. bottles:  Quick Shine Instant Detailer for reviving that just-waxed look, Tire & Trim Dressing to restore vitality while protecting your dash and tires from cracking and drying, and Clean & Clear Glass to create a streak-free shine on windows and mirrors. Click here to see this unbeatable bundle.

LoJack: Thieves work fast, but so does the LoJack system for classic, custom and collectible cars and trucks. It is the only anti-theft system directly integrated with state and local police, and LoJack’s proven technology tracks vehicles where other systems are less effective. It’s a self-powered system, meaning it will not drain a car’s battery, and what’s even better is there are no monthly fees. A one-time purchase price is worth the peace of mind to a car lover who strives to keep their baby safe. Click here for more information.

Craftsman Tool Sets: Whether there is an aspiring mechanic in your family or a well-versed gearhead, there are certain tools that they can never have enough of. A good place to start is with this 263-piece mechanic tool set, but there are many other standard and professional mechanic tool set options and various prices ranges to choose from. Click here to explore.

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