Car Guy Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions, like the fine china— they’re for breaking, right? Well, hopefully not. At any rate, these should be a lot more fun than cutting out reality TV and fatty foods or getting a gym membership. Here are five of our favorites:

  1. Buy and preserve an unrestored car: Nicely preserved unrestored cars occupy a special place in the classic car world. As the old saying goes, “it’s only original once.” And although awareness of the uniqueness and value of these cars is on the rise, appreciation for them is still not that widespread. So this year, go find an unmolested, original paint, original interior survivor-type car, preserve its originality and see if your favorite car show has a preservation class. If not, suggest that they start one.
  2. Have a constructive dialog with a Prius owner: It seems like Prius drivers have acquired the reputation of being not particularly friendly to the internal combustion engine (even though the Prius sports a small one). Strike up a conversation with a Prius driver and try to find some common ground. Maybe there’s a former VW Beetle or Microbus owner with a great story or two behind the wheel of that Prius.
  3. Give back to the hobby: The wheels of the old car will grind to a halt without another generation to pick up the torch. Resolving to give a little back by taking a kid to a car show, participating in programs like the Hagerty Driving Experience, donating to the The Collectors Foundation or supporting the efforts of the Historic Vehicle Association are good places to start.
  4. Have a new automotive experience: As car people, some of us tend go with what we know and stay in our comfort zone, going to the same events every year and paying attention to the same makes and models. For those who resist a new experience, think of the book that so many of us enjoyed as kids — “Green Eggs and Ham.” Porsche people, try a Corvette; Corvette guys, give a Porsche a spin. Mopar people, check out a Mustang.  And so on. Who knows, you might like it if you try it.
  5. Take a road trip in your classic : Few things are more rewarding in life than getting off the Interstates and the blandness that goes with them and seeing the small towns and sights that are America in a classic car, truck or motorcycle.
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