19-foot 1939 Chris-Craft Custom Barrel Back Runabout

Boat summary: 19-foot 1939 Chris-Craft Custom Barrel Back Runabout

The 19-foot Chris-Craft Custom Barrel Back runabout was in production from 1939 to 1942, with a total of 433 built over the production run. These boats have become some of the most sought-after models that Chris-Craft produced.

Since the 1939 models had many unique and significant features that were changed on later models, they are popular among collectors. Production for 1939, hull numbers 48500-48643 with two exports, totaled 145 hulls. Four models were offered, 929 with “KA” and “K” 95 HP, 930 with “LC” 125 HP, 931 with “MA” and “M” 130 HP and three “Special” models with a Chrysler Crown 95 HP. By far the most popular option was the 130 HP “M” 6-cylinder 320 C.I., of which 73 of the total run were equipped.

There were many unique features on the 1939 model year, the Bugatti windshield ’39-40 being one that sets it apart from the others. There were also things like the stern lift rings and Bear Claw vents.

Sold for $53,300

Market Summary: Using three main sources to look at the current market snapshot, there are seven 1939 19-foot Barrel Backs on the market. High is $114,000 for a total rebuild from pattern; average asking price is $79,200. This boat, which has a full new 5200 bottom, several new frames and a chine, is equipped with 130 HP “M” rebuilt by “Drake” and is 50 hours since rebuild. The boat is complete and ready to show or turn heads anywhere. The sale also included an Elete single-axle trailer. Considering the listing price for this Custom was $55,900, and was $7,000 lower then the next-lowest 1939 Custom currently listed, the sale price of $53,300 makes this a stellar deal for one of the most popular and rarer model Chris-Crafts ever produced.

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