20-foot 1950 Chris-Craft Riviera

Boat summary: 20-foot 1950 Chris-Craft Riviera

This 20-foot Riviera was in production from 1950-1954, with a total run of 288 hulls built (hull numbers R-20-501 to R-20-788). The 20-foot model was the largest runabout that Chris-Craft built during this era and is rare compared to the 18-foot model of the same era, of which 1,210 hulls were built. The Riviera was a very stylish boat with natural-finished mahogany on the hull sides and deck and blond accent king plank on the bow and over the engine hatch – cover to the stern. It also had red Tolex interior upholstery. It was originally offered with Chris-Craft MBL or M motor options.

This boat has been professionally restored, with work completed in April of 2008. It has a new 3M5200 bottom and a new 350-cubic inch Chevrolet V8 engine at 270 horsepower – no hours since restoration. All systems have been upgraded, and it has been stored indoors since restoration.

The sale included a 2008 B&G double axel galvanized trailer.

Sold for $34,000

Market Summary: A current snapshot of the market shows few 20-foot Rivieras out there. Of those on the market, asking prices range from $44,900 for a fresh restoration to $12,500 for a complete boat needing full restoration. Recently-sold boats range from $20,000 for an original boat in good condition to $42,000 for fresh resto. The average price for a restored boat is $37,800, so this sale – complete restoration at zero hours with a new trailer – was a very good buy. These runabouts are solid boats that are at home on larger bodies of water. They take a bit more effort to transport and store, but because of the low production numbers, we feel their value will continue to increase.

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