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There’s nothing like the open road.

But the open road may stretch a little long at times. For trips your car can’t handle, vehicle transporters like FedEx Custom Critical Auto Transport can safely move your auto without the wear and tear.

“Because we share your appreciation for automobiles, we treat each vintage or classic car as if it were our own,” said Diana Crawford, major accounts coordinator with FedEx Custom Critical Auto Transport.

To ensure the highest quality transport for your vehicle, there are some basic guidelines to remember when preparing your car for the trip.

First and foremost, ensure your vehicle is handled with care and transported with the proper equipment. Enclosed auto transport protects your vehicle against hazards such as dirt, dust, rocks and inclement weather.

“All of Passport Auto Transport’s carriers are custom-built, hard-sided and fully enclosed,” Crawford said. “If you want complete peace of mind, then enclosed auto transport is the way to go.”

In addition, ensure your transporter has hydraulic liftgates for safe loading.

“Liftgates are like an elevator for your car,” Crawford said. “So your vehicle remains completely horizontal throughout the loading and unloading process.”

Additionally, check to see if your transporter offers air-ride suspension – which cushions your vehicle throughout transit – as well as 24/7 satellite tracking.

“Thanks to the on-board satellite tracking systems in every truck, we know where your prized vehicle is every step of the way,” said Crawford.

And remember not to fill the gas tank. Only a quarter of a tank is necessary for transit. A full gas tank adds weight to the truck which may cause discrepancies at weigh stations.

Check antifreeze levels. If you’re shipping from a warm climate to a cold climate, be sure it has a sufficient amount of antifreeze. This will guard it from colder temperatures.

Also, refrain from packing personal items in the vehicle. Additional items may shift during transit, damaging the vehicle’s interior. These items may also block the driver’s view when loading the vehicle or add additional weight to the vehicle. If there are loose items in the car, be sure to secure them.

Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Disable all alarm systems.
  • Ensure a clean vehicle for inventory inspection.
  • Advise the driver of any special instructions for the vehicle, i.e airbag suspensions, battery/fuel shut off switches or special starting measures.
  • Know restrictions may apply when using a door-to-door service, as a tractor-trailer will need access to the delivery location. If a tractor-trailer does not or cannot access your location, alternate arrangements will have to be made.

With the right preparation, your vehicle will be transported safely and successfully to the destination.

For more information on transport tips or fully-enclosed auto shipping services, call FedEx Custom Critical Auto Transport at 800-325-4267or visit FedEx Custom Critical.

Since its founding in 1970, FedEx Custom Critical Auto Transport has shipped just about anything on wheels with door-to-door service. When it comes to vehicle transportation, experience counts at Passport Auto Transport.

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