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Hagerty Plus is proud to unveil a suite of programs designed to involve young people in the collector vehicle hobby. We believe that the success of tomorrow’s hobby depends on exposing today’s kids to the excitement and camaraderie the old car hobby has to offer. Kids have an inherent interest in cars, but unless that interest is nurtured, it can fade over time. We feel it is important to pass down knowledge of the hobby, share stories and continue to get youth involved in collector cars to fuel a passion in the next generation.
— McKeel Hagerty



At Hagerty, we believe that early exposure to the hobby often ignites the passion for the next generation of enthusiasts. Hagerty Plus is launching a series of youth-focused programs designed to excite young people about automotive history and the collector vehicle hobby. The goal of this initiative is to preserve the hobby for future generations by cultivating interest and appreciation in children that will carry into adulthood.

Youth Judging Program

One of Hagerty’s efforts is its Youth Judging Program, which debuted last July at the Hagerty Family Car Show in Traverse City, Michigan, and has since been presented at the Barrington Concours in Illinois and 13th annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida.

The Youth Judging Program is an opportunity for kids to learn about great cars firsthand. Children are led by an adult guide through a car show field and allowed to judge selected cars and talk to the owners. This program is offered both as a Hagerty sponsored event and as a turnkey kit provided to clubs by Hagerty Plus.

Model-Building Contest

Hagerty’s Annual Model-Building Contest gives car clubs the chance to sponsor local youth in building plastic models. Participating kids and their car club sponsors are eligible for cash prizes, and the top five builders will travel to Monterey, California, in August for final judging. For more information, or to sign up, click here.

Kid Friendly Car Show Kit

This kit includes materials and activities designed to make your car show more educational and entertaining to kids.

For more information on all of Hagerty’s youth programs, including how you can participate, please call Rory Carroll at 877-922-9701 ext. 8105, or e-mail

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