See behind the differential cover with this awesome video

Many parts of a car are quite simple, at least at first glance. A basic differential cover on a solid rear axle was something I had never thought much about before, until I watched Gale Banks of Banks Performance dive off the deep end while investigating whether or not aftermarket covers are worth the money.

While Banks’ goal is to learn if those shiny aftermarket covers are worth the investment, the first Banks Power video in the three-part series uses a fabricated clear cover to show exactly what is happening to the lubricating oil while the differential is at work. Grab a snack and prepare for a great lesson in engineering.

With a truck up on a lift and the tires removed, Banks shifts the vehicle into forward gear to simulate driving down the road at 15 miles per hour. Watching the oil sling off the ring gear and change color as it aerates provides us a rare look into how splash lubrication works. And once the ring gear stopped, the oil level climbs past the original full mark due to the excess air stirred into the lubricant.

Banks hopes to have part three posted by mid-September, but he acknowledged the testing has become more complicated and time consuming than he expected. For now, get caught up by watching the first two videos while we eagerly anticipate the final installment.

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