Safe Storage Tips

Storing your collector car for the winter demands some special preparation. Here are some important considerations – for your vehicle, and for your garage:

  • Fuel System. Add a fuel stabilizer, then fill the tank.
  • Battery. Hook the battery up to a maintainer that won’t overcharge.
  • Oil and Lube. Change the oil and filter, lube all fittings, check fluid levels for steering, transmission, and differential.
  • Cooling System. Flush and refill the cooling system.
  • Brakes. Top of the fluid in the master cylinder.
  • Wash, Wax, and Cover. Clean and wax the vehicle, then slip on a breathable cloth cover (plastic traps moisture).
  • Tires. Raise the vehicle above the floor with jack stands under the axles and suspension; or just remove the wheels and tires.
  • Rust. Give unpainted metal surfaces a coat of rust inhibitor.
  • Storage Building. Check the building for holes and leaks. Install locks and an outdoor motion light.
  • Don’t Forget Insurance! Fires, building collapse, and other unforeseeable perils may damage your car, so keep physical damage protection in force. Liability coverage is also a good idea if you rent the space.
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