Which cars will be on the 2024 Hagerty Bull Market List?

The cars of the 2023 Bull Market List. James Lipman

For seven years running, Hagerty has established its Bull Market List by poring over reams of data—sales results, demographic changes, import statistics, Hagerty Price Guide values, and more—to identify a group vehicles we think will appreciate in the near term. This isn’t investment advice per se—rather, our goal is to point out that with some due diligence and a smidge of luck, you can experience the joys of the collector car hobby and maybe get your money back or turn a little profit when it’s time to sell.

But what if we turned the selection process over to you? Taking into account your personal experiences, observations, and insights—perhaps shaped by what you’ve read from our team covering the collector car market over at Hagerty Insider—what cars do you think are primed to become the next hit among collectors? What will soon rise in value more than the rest of the market? (For the record, I am a remote worker here at Hagerty and I do not know who will make the list.)

2022 Bull Market Group
The cars of the 2022 Bull Market list. James Lipman

Maybe a C6 Z06 Corvette? The second-generation Pontiac Firebird? The FD Mazda RX-7? How about a supercharged Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG?

Or perhaps a rags-to-riches story involving one of the most maligned vehicles in North American history should make the list?


Okay, maybe it’s tougher to imagine the Yugo rising to such heights. But everyone here at Hagerty Media is curious to know what you think will be on the 2024 Bull Market List. Tell us in the comments!

(Have a look at previous Bull Market Lists here: 2023, 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018.)



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    I might as well start things off with the 1991-00 Lexus SC400. Wow, what an amazing car with a loyal fanbase. This thing has to be appreciating at a rate that will turn some heads in my co-workers cubicles. (Or work from home desks!)

    Funny, I had just remarked on this car (as well as the sister SC300) in the story about under 25k Japanese vehicles. The 400 with the “million mile V8” and the Supra-under-the-skin 300. Marvels of engineering, a joy to look at and to drive!

    I would be an eager buyer of a solid chrome bumper MGB GT. They have great Pinanfarina styling, massive parts availability and club support, and rugged and bullet-proof mechanicals. Buy one, drive it, work on it, enjoy it, and sell it on later for a tidy profit. 👍

    Hi Michael. Plenty of good ones in Australia rust free solid cars. Friend has one and he is asking $32000 AUS which is shade under $20,000 US.

    I would suggest most any early Lexus models with low miles, in great original condition, are going to appreciate, and gain traction from fans who used to be into the Euro imports with similar qualities.

    Not so fast…

    I agree that it was an amazing car, until mine developed an unsolvable and incurable problem.
    Over three years later, I’m still upset, and I still miss it.

    Last Gen Evo in North America and Focus RS come to mind as two things that didn’t bottom out very low and prices are going up.

    I forget if the late model FJ Cruiser made a bull list yet but they also seem to be going up despite not being that old.

    H2 Hummer data might be interesting to look into as well. I think those that love these are mostly holding them though.

    Hummers. 4th Gen Trans Am as well Second Gen Trans Am. The C5 Corvette Z06 and Convertible have seen 30% growth that will continue.

    Solstice GXP coupes and convertibles.

    Finally the G8 sedans in GXP and GT trims will continue to increase at a good rate. 05 and later GTOs too.

    I own both Hummer H2 and Solstice GXP Coupe and I too, am surprised at the asking prices of Hummer H2’s today, especially considering how many are still available in great condition. I love my Solstice Coupe, but I am surprised that it still has not captured the attention that I thought it would by now. So far, the Solstice Coupe is still almost an unknown to most people. I’ll keep driving and enjoying it.

    I agree that the “is” models are the best BMWs to collect. I own two matching white/white E92s, a 2011, and a 2013 which was reputed by the dealer to be the last one off the production line. Both have DCTs and were reported at the time to be a test for the upcoming M series without the V8. The 7 seconds of overboost for the twin turbos makes every drive a blast, especially with the tuned exhausts. BMW apparently wanted to steal some of the Dinan thunder with a factory tuned track car. The very limited production over three years (only 21 in my color combo) and the recent rise in sale prices achieved on BaT for low mileage examples ensure that I will keep mine for a while yet. At 22,000 and 13,000 miles respectively, they are great vehicles to drive and still appreciate.

    If you knew what it takes to squeeze/slide into a C1/C2 Corvette, you might alter both adjectives. You need to be both thin and agile.

    At 63, I feel like my sole purpose of 3 hrs in the gym and 4-6 hrs of pickleball each week is just so I can still continue to comfortably drive the ’61 ‘vette a couple of times each week. 😎

    I would put the original ’84 Jeep Cherokee Chief. And while we’re at it, how about some other mid 80’s SUV’s… like the ’86 Isuzu Trooper II or the same year Mitsubishi Montero… when they were still true utility vehicles!

    80’s Japanese sport coupes…FB RX7’s, 300 ZX’s, Starions, and Supras. They’re heading up, but I feel they will take a big jump soon. 80’s G body muscle cars too. Also, the C4 Corvette won’t be cheap forever.

    1991-1999 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4. 300+HP Turbo, AWD, AWS, Active Aero. A technical and stylistic equal to its peers from back in the day, but sells for way less: $20-$25K USD. Ok, I understand that fashion and fame aren’t rational things, but I can’t see how this car stays this far below the god-like NSX, and the demi-god Supra.

    A great car, but VERY complex and hard to work on. I remember hearing back in the day that the 3000GT VR4 was one of the few cars that extended warranty companies would not cover. Also, model specific parts are tough to find today.

    Fiat 500 Abarth. Discontinued in the USA beyond the 2019 model year (still available in other part of the world in various evolutions) they have a global enthusiast following … with good reason: they make driving fun again at an affordable price. When you drive one of these, the public roads become your track. More people are finding out … in a little class of their own, hehe.

    Porsche 356, most any Ferrari, Porsche 911, 1st Gen manual shift Porsche cayman s, 63 split window Vette, Maserati 3500 gt

    I think you’re on the money about this. A better value than its MINI counterparts which are also worthy of consideration, especially the 3-door Clubman and, of course convertibles.

    I disagree Mike. The XJS has seen some appreciation for exceptional examples but the average to good cars are not going to follow even though there are many out there with big asking prices. I owned one and have driven several. There is nothing special about them. They’re not fast and they lumber around corners. I don’t see money being spent here when one can buy an XK for similar dollars.


    I owned a early 90s conv with the inline 6 and currently have an 88 coupe with the V12. They are two very different cars. Have you driven the V12? They aren’t quick, but the V12s can cruise well over 100 all day which is what they were designed for. Do a manual swap and transform the car. Are they special? Probably not, but are they worth more than $8k? Absolutely.

    2005-2006 Supercharged 330 HP Chrysler Crossfire AMG……0 to 60 in 4 seconds , great looks, and most people never knew they existed.

    I agree, since only 1200 roadsters and 1880 coupes were built. It has been misaligned over the years because of electrical issues. Most of time it is a $50 fix that most shops are unfamiliar with. Great Crossfire community that supports these cars and mechanical parts are readily available thru aftermarket MB suppliers (SLK 320 and SLK 32AMG).

    The Prowler is long over due for the recognition it deserves. The engineering that when into this car is amazing. Before you judge read up on what went into taking this drawing board idea to a limited production.

    The 1990 95 ZR1 Corvette has been over looked for many years. The 40 yr old enthusiasts are now looking at what made them smile when they were kids. Limited numbers and miles ahead of most everything made then.

    The Spanish made 1957 Pegaso DOHC V8 Roadster; Very, very rare! (I doubt if 1% of this Hagerty column readers know of such a sportscar).

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