Great Conversations: Respect for the modern V-6

Contemporary pony cars, with their retro designs and modern tech, are hotter than ever; but how do you feel about the fact that many now have cylinder counts below the almighty number of eight? One Hagerty Forums user had his mind changed recently when he picked up a 2014 Ford Mustang equipped with the 3.7-liter, 300-hp V-6.

The six-cylinder used to be the dependable workhorse of any lineup, built for strength rather than power. However, recent developments have changed the reputation of most six-cylinders. Just about every manufacturer has a six-cylinder that it drops in multiple cars in its lineup, and not simply workaday SUVs. From 2015–17 Ford offered a Duratec V-6 in the Mustang, an engine which also lived in the Ford F-150 and Edge, along with Lincoln’s MKT, and made 300 hp when tuned for the Mustang.

That output, in a world of 707-hp Hellcat V-8s, doesn’t seem impressive. As the Hagerty Forums discussed, though, the facts hold true—300 hp is 300 hp. There was a time not long ago that no pony car had 300 hp; now “base” models are packing that kind of heat.

There are drawbacks, of course. The exhaust note of a V-6, let alone a turbo four, leaves something to be desired for the pony car purist. However, if the tenor is the only thing holding you back from enjoying modern muscle, maybe it’s time to give one a try. Contribute to the conversation, but be warned; modern V-6 pony cars just might change your mind.

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