According to You: Which cars will be on the 2024 Hagerty Bull Market List?

James Lipman

We asked, you responded, and we took note. The 2024 Hagerty Bull Market List is coming on December 11, and if you need a refresher, our mission is that the data will inform, entertain, and enlighten car enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes. Armed with a bit of expert advice, you can hopefully enjoy the car hobby and not lose your shirt in the process. Our exercise is in its seventh year, and in the next few weeks a new crop of 10 or so cars will join the Bull Market ranks.

Your guesses and picks for what will appear on the 2024 list were a thrill to peruse. I’d like point out that your Bull Market suggestions from the Hagerty Community are already “winners,” in my book!

@Thomas: I think it’s time for the limelight to shine on the 1988-1989 Toyota MR2 Supercharged models. For $20k when new, you got a fast, nimble little go kart feeling car that had the kick of a quick start supercharger. Toyota build quality and reliability would trump any other comparable vehicle during this time. Still a great ride to this day.

@Kief: Ferrari Testarossas: No brainer.

@hyperv6:The C5 Corvette Z06 and Convertible have seen 30% growth that will continue.

See? We are in agreement, because each of these guesses were selections in previous years. And with every year of Bull Market findings, we get closer to being exactly on the same page! So let’s see what you think should be on the 2024 Bull Market List:

Pontiac Solstice GXP

2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP
GM | Pontiac

@hyperv6: Pontiac Solstice GXP coupes and convertibles.

@ParaboTech: I own both Hummer H2 and Solstice GXP Coupe and I too, am surprised at the asking prices of Hummer H2s today, especially considering how many are still available in great condition. I love my Solstice Coupe, but I am surprised that it still has not captured the attention that I thought it would by now. So far, the Solstice Coupe is still almost an unknown to most people. I’ll keep driving and enjoying it.

Early Lexus Products


@Pete E: I would suggest most any early Lexus models with low miles, in great original condition, are going to appreciate, and gain traction from fans who used to be into the Euro imports with similar qualities.

@Pete: Funny, I had just remarked on this car (as well as the sister SC 300) in the story about under 25k Japanese vehicles. The 400 with the “million mile V8” and the Supra-under-the-skin 300. Marvels of engineering, a joy to look at and to drive!

Chrysler Crossfire

2005 Chrysler Crossfire

@Gary: I owned both the N/A and SRT-6 versions over the course of about 10 years. I modded the SRT version to over 400 hp and it ran as smooth as grandma’s Buick. Not a single problem during ownership. It was faster than the C7 Corvette I replaced it with. Cheap to purchase, easy to work on and a forum to die for.

@Uncle Doug: 2005-2006 Supercharged 330 HP Chrysler Crossfire AMG: 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, great looks, and most people never knew they existed.

@Dennis: I agree, since only 1200 roadsters and 1880 coupes were built. It has been misaligned over the years because of electrical issues. Most of time it is a $50 fix that most shops are unfamiliar with. Great Crossfire community that supports these cars and mechanical parts are readily available thru aftermarket MB suppliers (SLK 320 and SLK 32AMG).

Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR-4

3000GT red front three quarter

@Darcy: 1991-1999 Mitsubishi 3000 GT VR4. 300+HP Turbo, AWD, AWS, Active Aero. A technical and stylistic equal to its peers from back in the day, but sells for way less: $20-$25K USD. Ok, I understand that fashion and fame aren’t rational things, but I can’t see how this car stays this far below the god-like NSX, and the demi-god Supra.

@Johnathan: A great car, but VERY complex and hard to work on. I remember hearing back in the day that the 3000GT VR4 was one of the few cars that extended warranty companies would not cover. Also, model specific parts are tough to find today.

Fiat 500 Abarth


@Wes: Discontinued in the USA beyond the 2019 model year (still available in other part of the world in various evolutions) they have a global enthusiast following with good reason: they make driving fun again at an affordable price! When you drive one of these, the public roads become your track. More people are finding out that they in a little class of their own.

Plymouth Prowler

Prowler Silver new color for 2000 model year front three-quarter

@G-money: The Prowler is long overdue for the recognition it deserves. The engineering that when into this car is amazing. Before you judge, read up on what went into taking this drawing board idea to a limited production.

@Paul: They had a pretty good template and plan courtesy of the Viper project.

Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 (C4)

1993 Corvette ZR1 40th anniversary edition rear three quarter

@Jay: The 1990-95 ZR-1 Corvette has been over looked for many years. The 40 year old enthusiasts are now looking at what made them smile when they were kids. Limited numbers and miles ahead of most everything made then.

@Rick: 1993 40th Anniversary Corvette ZR-1s: I believe these will rise in value. Low mileage and lots of documents will be worth the money.

Pegaso Z-102

Pegaso Z-102 Cúpula, 1952 Guggenheim
Louwman Museum | Michael Rietveld

@Samuel: The Spanish made 1957 Pegaso DOHC V8 Roadster; Very, very rare! (I doubt if 1% of this Hagerty column readers know of such a sports car.)

@DrJon: The Z-102B is one of the most attractive cars ever made, albeit Spanish and unknown.

1980s Turbo Chryslers

Dodge Omni GLHS

@Dave: ’80s Shelby products produced by Chrysler, especially the GLHS.

@G-money: Here’s another one that has seen no love nor appreciation($), it was even an Indy Pace Car in 1987. A good #2 quality car can still be had for less than 10k. To me that doesn’t make a lot of sense, 2.2 Turbo, and great styling the car should be in the high teens. Yes, I’m talking about the 1987 Lebaron Turbo convertible.

Mercedes-Benz SL (R129)

Mercedes-Benz SL-Roadster evolution
Daimler AG

@David: The MB R129 SL500 Will Rebound After a Disappointing 2023

@Pete: Yes, all decent examples of R129s are inevitably headed upward. It’s not if, but when, and how fast. The SL has always been a flagship model for a flagship brand.

@JohnB: They have been gaining in value, in part because of the increase in the R107 values, but mainly because unlike the 107, they offer a modern driving experience. At current prices, they are a 150 mph supercar for the masses.

Mazda Miata (NB)


@Rick: Second generation (1999-2004) Miatas.

@Pete: Agreed on Miata NBs. I discovered them recently — what an amazing car! Reminds me of all the good things I remember about collecting the 1st gen Ford Mustangs, years ago. Cheap to find – plenty around – all kinds of parts available – simple – reliable – go fast, keep it original, drop a V8 in it, whatever!

@Tom: Agree also. Original owner 2004 MX5 Mazdaspeed Miata. All original. Hope the market on these will keep going!

Dodge Charger (1966-67)

@Jeff: 1966 and 1967, first gen, Dodge Chargers. Not many manufactured, striking styling, and much go!

Ferrari 308 GTB

1975 Ferrari 308 GTB rear three-quarter

@Mike: 1976-1979 Ferrari 308 GTB. Four Weber carbs. Gated shifter. Less than 3,000 made. Iconic styling and glorious sound with spirited driving, and yet still somehow only mid five figures.

Jaguar XK-8 (X100)


@Eric: Look at the BaT plot chart for the 1997-2006 Jaguar XK8. Appreciation is slow but steady. Generally regarded as the successor to the XKE and a vast improvement mechanically and visually over the XKS, these cars have a loyal following. The $75K new prices are now hitting the bottom of the depreciation curve and rebounding. The “Ford Years” offered an improvement in quality control and customer satisfaction.

Chevrolet 454 SS (GMT-400)


@George: I love the 1990 Chevrolet Silverado 454SS…or the 1991 GMC either the Cyclone and the Typhoon.

@Doug: George, I have a 1990 454SS with less than 3200 original miles I’ll sell ya. AC still blows cold, too. Really cool looking trucks with a pickup full of torque.

VW Vanagon

VW |

@Jim: I think VW Vanagon hits again. I was approached 3 times at different gas stations this summer and asked to sell my ’84 Vanagon. I was tempted to sell it to the guy that offered $25,000. My wife loves it (we’ve owned it for just short of 30 years). They were all 45-55 years old.

Lamborghini Diablo

Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 front panning

@MT: Lamborghini Diablo’s have been on a tear since July 2022 bucking the current downward trend. Just look at the sales on Bring a Trailer. Hagerty typically misses this model and punts to the Murci. Over the next year or two, I think we will see a surge in prices for most Diablos by at least 100K.

Cadillac CTS V

2013 Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon front three quarter

@willyD: After a bit softer 2023, I see the second generation Cadillac CTS V coming on strong in 2024. The wagons will once again lead the way, followed by the coupe and lastly the sedan. In the older vehicles, I believe the discontinued GM models, Oldsmobile and Pontiac will continue their modest increases in value.

@Jim: Second and third generation Cadillac V’s especially the very rare 2nd gen wagon.

Vintage Japanese SUVs that aren’t Toyotas

nate petroelje mistubishi montero front three-quarter moab
Nathan Petroelje

@Tom: First generation Isuzu trooper or Mitsubishi Montero to pick up where the Land Cruisers, Jeeps and Rovers left off.

Modern Dodge Challenger


@Paul: Challenger. Any of the seemingly unlimited variations produced in the past three years.

@MikeS: The 2008 SRT Challenger limited first edition (6400 US, 500 Canadian and 100 Mexican) 7000 in total were produced that year. Great car with excellent pedigree. Only issue for the sport car enthusiast is it didn’t come with manual transmission that first year back. Over the last few months it has already appreciated significantly according to Edmunds’ website.

Jaguar XKE V-12 (But mostly the Coupe)


@Dennis: The 1971 thru 1973 Jaguar XKE V-12 2 plus 2 Coupe with 4 speed and air conditioning has been undervalued for too long! Those 3 years of production were the only years that the coupe was built with the spectacular V12 engine. The 71-74 XKE convertibles have been bringing the higher premium over the coupe but the coupe is the most iconic looking. James Bond drove an Aston Coupe because it was a better looking and more masculine automobile. I’ve owned XKE convertibles in the past but currently own a 1972 V12 Coupe. No XKE convertible can compare with the lines of that coupe!! Just so beautiful!! Watch these cars appreciate once collectors realize the V12 Coupe was only built for three years in limited numbers.

Fiat 124

1978 Fiat 124 Spider

@Michael: The perennially undervalued, classic Fiat 124 is a treat to drive, with all the Italian good looks of its rich cousin, the Ferrari 275 GTS. An affordable introduction to the exclusive world of Pininfarina styling, for workmen’s wages.

Delorean DMC 12

Delorean Motor Company, Southwest Houston Delorean Motor Company

@Richard: DeLorean! I bought six DMC12’s 20 years ago for $9-15k. I think I’ll do well if I can get them running.

Ford Mustang II Cobra


@Chris: The Mustang II Cobras and King Cobras. A couple of nice examples are on the block at Mecum in January so lets see.

Toyota Celica GTS

1986 Toyota Celica Toyota

@Mike: Toyota Celica GTS.

@Don: Absolutely right Mike. I am glad I kept my ’84 GTS and continue to marvel at what a great vehicle it is.

Honda Insight (ZE1)


@Dan: 1999-2006 Honda Insight, manual transmission. First mass marketed hybrid, capable of 70+ mpg. Meticulous attention to weight saving engineering and mechanical details that provide best mpg, ever. Collectors appreciate the quality and significance of this car.

GM B-body

1996 Chevrolet Impala SS front
Chris Stark

@John: No doubt the 80’s through the mid 90’s Caprice, Impala and Impala SS models should make the list. Last of GM’s body on frame four door sedans. Values have been just going up and up!

Yes…even the Yugo

Concours d'Lemons/Hagerty

@Pete: I was at a huge car show this past summer, and guess which car pretty much had crowds around it? The freakin’ piece of crap Yugo!

I suspect it was more as a curiosity, and people were careful not to breath on it lest it collapse, but seriously, when car enthusiasts crowd around and show so much interest in a car, maybe it qualifies as a “classic” of sorts. Okay, we know it qualifies as s— on wheels for sure, but just saying!



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    It’s sickenly easy, really: The Hagerty Bull Market List will (always) consist of any and all cars EXCEPT any that I currently own – AND/OR – those which I disposed of last year at a huge loss!

    And yes, all of those listed in the article fit that rule…🙄😫

    Ummm, uh, well the garage is a little crowded right now, but I’ll take it under advisement the next time a space opens up. But you might wanna have a Plan B for that hero thing. Not sure I’m up to the task.

    What about early Sprites and Midgets? They are easy and relatively cheap to restore, loads of fun and now suddenly not cheap to buy. So they are slow, muscle cars of old are no longer untouchable in performance so something a touch slower is not such a thing anymore.

    my thought is not a specific model, but i think the barn find unrestored but driver condition are going to start to be hotter. as so many poorly restored cars that were once decent, but a non highly skilled person did an amateur restoration and in effect destroyed to car, is really going to make those true original / survivors that much more valuable. even what was frame off 30 years ago, does not compare to todays standards and processes.

    Thanks for the inclusion of the Mercedes Benz R-129s. I am lucky to own a 1991 300 SL with the rare manual tranny. Is a joy to drive. The 24 valve six has plenty of power and of course lots of torque.

    I wonder if anyone nominated a car that they don’t currently own or used to. I nominate the 1st gen Audi TT!

    Yes, yes, yes !! especially the 6 speed, 225 HP model
    Fabulous to drive, like a Go Kart on steroids’ and cheap to buy and insure

    Interesting that no one mentions the Honda S2000, which though not as prevalent as the Miata, is more car at a still-reasonable price.

    Have to comment on the Yugo. My favorite line from those days was that the Countach rear wing was a $5k list option, but a Yugo was $4999, thus, if you wanted to save a dollar, you could put the Yugo instead of the factory wing (the snark was a little vague on mounting options).

    So hard to say what would make it but many good suggestions on this list. So many cars that currently have not found enough of an audience to appreciate noticeably beyond the noise.

    Nissan 350Z Roadster especially with the Touring or Track packages which included Brembo brakes.
    BMW Z4 M…
    Honda S-2000

    How about the Cadillac XLR and (gasp) XLR-V, with its collapsing metal convertible top, gorgeous interior with Bulgari instruments, 50-50 weight distribution (rear-mounted transmission), and up to 443 HP. Essentially a C6 Corvette with gorgeous, angular Cadillac styling and class. Make mine jet black with polished alloy wheels and Bluesville on the XM radio 🙂

    I’m in agreement with the Solstice GXP, very affordable and a ton of fun! I’ve had one for over seven years and everywhere we go people are asking if it’s for sale.

    How about the Citroen 2CV Fourgonette, a survivor I just imported from Canada to Traverse City? An engineering marvel ubiquitous in Europe, but pretty much not seen in the US. A 2019 article describes an encounter with a driver with one carving canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains.

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