According to You: What Santa’s sleigh has for your garage

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Christmas is coming, so we asked you what’s on your wish lists. We know this can be highly classified information for some, as Santa doesn’t need someone else creeping into his territory on Christmas Day. That said, here are a few holiday gift requests from members of the Hagerty Community.

What are the odds Santa can make them arrive in time?

Cobra-spec sending unit

Sadly, not for the Cobra Jet. Dennis Carpenter

Hagerty Community member jeff is looking for one of those impossible-to-find parts. He’s looking for a “fuel sending unit for his 429-CJ, 1970 Ford Torino convertible,” but you can’t walk around Google Shopping (so to speak) without tripping over the sending units for Torinos with the smaller motor. Santa has his work cut out!

Which is why I recommend jeff instead removes his old sending unit from the gas tank—provided it’s still there!—and send it to a rebuilder. Yes, they exist, and I’ve had good luck with Tri-Starr Radiator with the unit for a 1985 Thunderbird. But you don’t have to go with my recommendation: There are several alternative vendors on the first page of Google Search. You’re welcome, Mr. Klaus.

Too late, Santa!


The 1969 Dodge Coronet Super Bee (tribute car) owned by Hagerty Community member JOHN RHODES took delivery of FiTech’s “6-PK EFI” system and has “Classic Air on its 440, making it ready for hail, sleet, snow, and 100 degree summers.” Now that’s how you take matters into your own hands!

Less is more!

1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am barn find

Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but YesDear had a response that took everyone here by surprise: “At my age I’d like Santa to arrive with an empty sack and depart with it full.”

3-D printer

3D Natives

Hagerty’s DUB6 asks for a one-year free subscription to a 3D printing service. And the more I think about it, the more I think this is the best request we could possibly make to Santa:

“I would want the company to have all the design functions, and be able to print in both plastics and metals, up to fairly large sizes. During the year, I would be able to give the company specs and maybe pictures and/or actual broken items so that they could reproduce them for me (hopefully stronger, better, faster than original). Not sure if the technology is quite that good yet, but if it is, that is a gift I would truly love to see stuffed in my stocking come Christmas morning!”

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