What does Santa’s sleigh have for you this holiday season?


’Tis the season, isn’t it? Yes, indeed, and we’re gonna assume that your vehicle needs something on Christmas morning, too. Even if you are fully content with your current stock of automotive possessions, there’s no shame in wanting something else. Especially if that something improves your ownership experience.

We would love to know your wishes and dreams, because odds are someone else in the Hagerty Community could benefit from them.

The only question is, what is on your wish list? Maybe it’s a hard-to-find part or a period-correct accessory for your restoration. Sometimes Christmas is a good time for outfitting your garage, either with a big-ticket tool or a leftover home-theater upgrade that costs next to nothing.

Milwaukee Electric Tool

Perhaps I’ll start things off with one item on my radar. Milwaukee Electric Tool makes an “extended reach” M12 battery-powered ratchet that I wouldn’t mind if Santa came down my chimney to deliver on Christmas Day.

There were a few times this ratchet woulda been far superior to the electric one I own, but the extended-reach model still couldn’t save me from needing a Sawzall to extract mine from my stupidity just a few months ago. With that in mind, I’m having a hard time answering my own question. I have just about everything I need, and I don’t want much else.

Now, what if Santa Claus’ factory on the North Pole also magically reproduced any unobtainum, new-old stock part for antique cars? Well, I’d be heading to my local mall with a wish list as long as a CVS receipt, and I’d not-so-patiently wait in line for Santa to hear me out.

So the question remains: What does Santa’s sleigh have for you on this holiday?

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    I would ask for a one-year free subscription to a 3D printing service. Maybe for a reasonable amount of use – say, 1 item per month. I would want the company to have all the design functions, and be able to print in both plastics and metals, up to fairly large sizes. During the year, I would be able to give the company specs and maybe pictures and/or actual broken items so that they could reproduce them for me (hopefully stronger, better, faster than original). Not sure if the technology is quite that good yet, but if it is, that is a gift I would truly love to see stuffed in my stocking come Christmas morning! 😏

    DUB6: Just in case Santa disappoints you check your local library. Ours has a 3D printer available for use by anyone with a library card. A fantastic resource!

    I just got Christmas a little early. My ’69 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Tribute just received a gift of Fi-Tech 6-PK EFI and Classic Air on its 440, ready for hail, sleet, snow, and 100 degree summers. HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas, Y’ALL.

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