Watch Ken Block’s last (and maybe his coolest) stunt video

YouTube | Hoonigan

Just under a year has passed since legendary Hoonigan founder, rally competitor, and world-class stunt driver Ken Block passed away in a snowmobile accident near his home in Park City, Utah. When news of his passing reached the automotive world, millions of fans lamented his loss and figured that it would mean the end of the Gymkhana stunt-driving videos that made him a household name.

But early last month, Audi, who had only recently become the OEM partner with Block’s company, Hoonigan, announced that there was one last video on the way, filmed shortly before Ken’s accident. That video dropped today, and ay Dios Mio, is it epic.

Electrickhana Two: One More Playground, Mexico City takes place in the same locale as another one of Block’s previous films. Unlike the latter, in which Block used a specially prepped Focus (Ford was Hoonigan’s OEM partner at the time), this one features the absolutely mental Audi S1 Hoonitron, an 800-volt drift missile whose performance beggars belief.

As expected, Block makes the S1 Hoonitron do things that seem to bend the laws of physics. Undoubtedly, the instantaneous nature with which the all-electric S1 Hoonitron can deliver 4400 lb-ft of torque helps with some of these moves, as do the conventional differentials, which allow Block to adjust the slide characteristics to exactly how he wants. (Check out that opening shot—the unique engineering of the S1 means Block can spin each set of wheels in opposing directions, which helps him produce that backwards, moving burnout.)

Electrikhana Two Audi S1 Hoonitron sliding on street
YouTube | Hoonigan

Watching Block link lurid slides together, one after the other, while smoking his way through Mexico City’s streets, will never stop being enjoyable. The film has every type of stunt imaginable; Jumps, long slides with tiny slip angles, short slides with ridiculous slip angles, reverse entries, jumps where the whole car is sideways in the air—you name it, Block pulls it off.

At one point, Block even stops off at Felipe Ángeles International Airport, the main hub for Mexico City’s international travelers, for a few slides, donuts, and general hooning. (As impressive as the stunts are, we’re equally as impressed that the Hoonigan team managed to get the airport managers on board.)

Electrikhana Two Audi S1 Hoonitron sliding on airport tarmac
YouTube | Hoonigan

There’s no replacing a guy like Ken Block, and the automotive community undoubtedly still feels his absence. It’s thrilling to watch his daughter, Lia, carry on her father’s legacy behind the wheel and forge her own path through rallying, open-wheel racing, and more. Perhaps one day, we’ll get an Electrikhana film with Lia behind the wheel. One can only hope.

Ken Block and the Hoonigan crew absolutely knocked this film out of the park. Though he’s no longer with us, his passion for creative and exciting automobiles and driving will linger for decades to come.




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    The driving is always impressive and Ken will be missed. Unfortunately, the last 2 couldn’t have been any more boring with the complete lack of a soundtrack. If only he could have gotten at least one more go in the Hoonicorn.

    Excellent video, except for the lack of engine noise. But – the disclaimer/warning/advice at the very end was much to short – esp. for those who most needed to read it. Keep It Off The Street!

    The Jetsons noises are cool to hear, I don’t need a soundtrack. But the Hoonicorn on Pike’s Peak is my favorite.

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