Ken Block fans, rejoice: There’s one more stunt video you haven’t seen


A little less than a year since stunt driver and rally competitor Ken Block, 55, was killed in a snowmobile accident, Audi has announced that one last video, filmed by Block shortly before his death, will be released in December.

With a message saying, “Most thought that we had seen it all, but there’s one more never-before-seen Ken Block film,” a trailer just dropped for Electrikhana II. It follows a year or so behind Electrikhana: High Stakes Playground, Las Vegas, which was directed by Brian Scotto, co-founder of Block’s Hoonigan company.

Scotto is expected to be involved with Electrikhana II, which was apparently filmed in and near Mexico City, including at the Plaza del Toros bull ring. The one minute, 11-second trailer shows more stunts made familiar with Block and his all-wheel-drive, electrified, 800-volt Audi S1 that co-starred in the nine minute, 35-second Electrikhana: High Stakes Playground.

This is the second video Block filmed on the streets of Mexico: The first was Gymkhana 10, which used a Ford Focus RS RX (below), as Block had a deal with Ford then. His first real partnership with Audi came in Electrikhana: High Stakes Playground, and obviously continues with Electrikhana II. 

Block videos have drawn more than a billion views. There’s no doubt that Electrikhana II will just add to that total.

Check out the trailer here:





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