“John Bronco” is ready for your viewing pleasure

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John Bronco
Imagine Entertainment

Much like the teaser website we previously covered, the official trailer for the John Bronco “mockumentary” movie is loaded with retro imagery and vintage Bronco action that’ll make any car enthusiast’s heart rate quicken. See the trailer below, and if you like what you see, go stream the whole 37-minute enchilada on Hulu.


Reading online reviews suggests this is either a wildly entertaining run down memory lane or an extended car commercial with inside jokes for Ford enthusiasts and Mad Men advertising types alike. Considering the new Bronco’s impending release, both schools of thought are likely right. Still, if Tesla generates millions of dollars (billions?) of free advertising with little effort on the company’s part, it’s nice to see an established manufacturer doing the same. Sort of.Ford gave Imagine Documentaries (a division of Imagine Entertainment) access to its archives, but insists the Blue Oval had no creative input in this mockumentary. That’s generally a good thing, so I anticipate that my weekend is gonna get far more entertaining thanks to one Mr. John Bronco.

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