Who on earth is John Bronco?

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John Bronco
Imagine Entertainment

We’ve found buried Bronco treasures after visiting Ford’s private archives, but those hallowed halls make no mention of John Bronco. But this myth of a man has … well … I can’t write a fitting introduction: NOTHING IS WORTHY of what you are about to behold.

Set your faces to stunned before you hit the play button.

There’s little doubt that such a fantastic mustache, and an appealing backstory could pull beaucoup dollars out of Ford’s marketing budget. The timing is right, as the new Bronco is nearing production: but was the Blue Oval behind Mr. Bronco’s development?

It wouldn’t be the first time marketing masterminds struck gold. Remember when Dodge did a similar thing with Ron Burgundy and it actually helped sales? These fictional manly-men couldn’t be further apart in terms of character depth and development. John could be the spiritual successor to Ford’s man who is “A Breed Apart,” as seen in this promotional video for the original Bronco.

This promotional video is a relic of a bygone era, and surely today’s modern, independent women will readily write a check for a sweet new Bronco … so let’s return to one John Bronco and Ford Motor Company.

John Bronco
Imagine Entertainment

Here are the facts: this character is played by Walton Goggins, an accomplished actor that appeared in a RAM truck commercial a few years back.  The teaser video and forthcoming movie came from Imagine Documentaries, itself a subsidiary of the popular Imagine Entertainment.  If the teaser didn’t make it clear, the movie will be a mockumentary much like This is Spinal Tap, or CB4, or even TV shows like The Office. 

Lastly, Ford made it crystal clear to Hagerty that it was approached by the folks at Imagine, not the other way around. Such creative independence ensures John Bronco isn’t another Doug the Spokespuppet, but don’t ring up Ford to voice your disapproval if you still don’t like what you see. And if you what you see so far fits the bill, learn more about John while you wait for the feature film to hit the silver screens streaming video platforms in the not-too-distant future.

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