Jay Leno’s quarantine project updates are cooler than yours (and ours too)

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Jay Leno's Garage

Stay-at-home orders continue across much of the U.S., which we hope means more folks are making progress on their automotive projects. If you’re happy with what you’ve accomplished so far, you’ll be amazed by what Jay Leno has done. Watch as he updates us on what he’s been up to during the last month or so.

Jay owns hundreds of cars, so that means at any point dozens of them need some type of work. Of course, some need a whole lot more than others, and it is fun to hear Jay update us about the specifics of various cars and what items they need and why.

In this episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, he starts off with an interesting 1968 Pontiac Firebird. It’s a Firebird of a different feather, as the original owner eschewed the V-8 option on the order form and instead elected to spend almost the same amount of money on the overhead-cam inline-six. Sadly, the engine isn’t seen in this video because it is at Ed Pink Racing Engines for a rebuild. Something tells me the shop that builds Singer’s air-cooled flat sixes isn’t going to just put new bearings and piston rings in it and ship it back.

The other cars that get updates run the gamut from a White stream car that Jay’s crew is creating a two-seat runabout body for, to the exhaust on a new Ford GT. One of the most entertaining things about Jay’s collection is the depth and breadth of the cars—and the vast majority of them drive. Those that aren’t roadworthy are usually in process of getting there or have a special reason they aren’t ready to run.

Sure, he has a whole crew of fabricators and mechanics working on these machines but the fact of the matter is Jay is working to save all these cars that were either sad stacks of parts or really broken machines (looking at you, red MG in this video.) So maybe this serves a reality check that there is always a bigger fish, but yet at the same time we are all just having fun with our cars.

That means, after you take a break and catch up on what Jay is working on, go out and work on your own project. If you are real motivated, share some photos of what your project below. We’d love to see it.

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