12 hours of “Redline Rebuild” to entertain and inspire

This week, and likely the next couple weeks to follow, will find most of us staying home as part of the social distancing that will mitigate the spread of COVID-19. With restaurants, bowling alleys, car museums, and movie theaters closed, we’ll have a lot of time on our hands. If you’re not one for streaming a forgotten car movie, we suggest sitting back and catching up on any of the Redline Rebuild videos you may have missed.

This playlist of all 28 Redline Rebuilds and Redline Rebuild Explained videos has nearly 12 hours of stop-motion rebuilds and in-depth discussion sessions which delve into the technical details of the engine designs. You can hear from Davin Reckow himself explain the how and why behind several of the steps required in a rebuild, topped off by some of history of the cars involved.

These rebuilds include everything from a Ford Model A banger engine to a Top Fuel Hemi from Don Schumacher Racing that churns out more than 11,000 horsepower. There’s also a transmission and a carburetor rebuild if you’d like some shorter-form videos.

Personally, my favorite is the Redline Rebuild on the Pontiac 389 Tri-Power, and not just because I’m a Pontiac fanatic.

The video has some of the coolest stop-motion the video team has done, from the valvetrain marching onto the workbench and Davin coaxing the rocker studs into place to the spark plug wires snaking themselves into position. Once all the assembly is done, the engine fires to life with an exciting backfire. After the ignition timing is dialed in, the engine behaves itself and sounds exactly like a muscle car should.

Hopefully these videos will get you through at least a bit of your cabin fever. Perhaps they’ll even inspire you to tackle a long-abandoned project. Davin makes it look easy, and our top-notch video crew makes it look fast, but slow and steady work can get a project done, and even making a little progress is worth celebrating.

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