Mutt Cutts replica is a Dumb and Dumber fan’s dream van

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In the pantheon of movie cars, sporty models usually make the biggest impression. The Bandit Trans Am, Doc’s time-traveling DeLorean, and James Bond’s DB5 are among the most famous. Yet there’s no doubt that there are far less glamorous vehicles that have managed to be memorable due to their oversized personalities. Case in point—the Mutt Cutts van from Dumb and Dumber.

The outlandish, carpet-clad creation was the perfect vehicle to be cast alongside the memorable performances of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. It’s kind of like the Family Truckster of the 1990s. If you’ve ever yearned to own a Mutt Cutts van, an impressive homage to the original is now up for sale at Cars and Bids. 

Cars and Bids

We’ve seen other takes on Dumb and Dumber’s mobile pet-grooming van, and we covered another replica that sold at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale sale in 2020. This one is built on a 1993 Ford E-150 Econoline chassis, which seems rather appropriate, considering the original film debuted in 1994. However, that vintage of Econoline van is one generation newer than the 1984 model used during filming. The replica’s custom touches include LED headlights, a custom center console, and a bird cage with a fake dead “Petey” included for extra authenticity points. The van is powered by a 300-cubic-inch inline-six and a four-speed automatic transmission. The powerplant is a favorite of Ford fans, as the smooth inline-six is known for its durability.

As for aesthetics, the modifications to the hood to mimic the original Mutt Cutts van are pretty close to the original, although this replica has larger, more functional side mirrors. Overall, this homage to the classic comedy film seems to check all of the boxes for a fun cruiser or show van and it even offers the added benefit of reliable utility. We are curious, as are many of the auction commenters, what might happen if the carpet cladding were to get wet. The smell might make the van’s dog costume even more authentic…

When we checked in at the auction with three days remaining, bidding had hit $23,000. If that price is out of your budget, perhaps you could offer the seller to trade, straight up, for your 70-mpg minibike hog. It had better be a nice one, as there’s one of those included in the auction as well.

Cars and Bids




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    Great fun movie, and it looks like this homage van does the job well. The interior shot makes things actually look surprisingly comfy inside. The minibike is a nice touch!

    Just don’t mention anything you notice that is wrong or incorrect with the vehicle in an effort to educate or protect less knowledgeable bidders. They will first delete your comments, then suspend you, then ban you if you make even genuine efforts to point out shady things going on with a car/seller. This isn’t the only example, but when I pointed out a seller who appeared to be knowingly selling a fake Pontiac Firehawk, I was censored and suspended for pointing out blatantly obvious inconsistencies and faked aspects of the car. I decided right then and there never to do business with them again, and that’s after buying two vehicles on their site. Remember, only say nice, innocuous, glowing things about the vehicles for sale. Buyers need to be on their own, and if they buy a fake or shady vehicle, so be it. At least C&B gets their commission.

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