Is a 2011 Bentley a Miracle Whip?

Offered the keys to drive just one car for the remainder of your days, what would you choose? Comedian Byron Bowers is on the search to find his forever car, also known as his Miracle Whip.

Even after taking the wheel of an iconic slab-sided Lincoln, the hottest import Nissan Skyline GTR, and others, Bowers has yet to find his forever car. In the latest episode of Miracle Whips, he slides the scale to modern with a 2011 Bentley Continental GTC Speed. This drop-top sports 600 horsepower and an interior that appears more tailored than assembled.

If you’re in the hunt for your Miracle Whip, Driveshare is a great way to find just the right car without having to purchase it first. Available in the Apple app store or online at, you can rent classics or share your own to make some money for the next project.

Did Bowers find his Miracle Whip this time? Doesn’t look like it. Who knows what he’ll try on next, but we’ll certainly tune in to find out if it’s his forever car.

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