This Toy Story Pizza Planet Toyota pickup is Radwood gold

Has a movie tribute car ever filled you with so much nostalgia that it stopped you dead in your tracks? Well, a 1983 Toyota Pickup recreating Toy Story’s Pizza Planet delivery truck had that exact effect on me when I first laid eyes on it this morning. And for $2500, it could absolutely be the winning ticket for the increasingly-popular 1980s- and ’90s-friendly car events, such as Radwood and Concours d’Lemons, that have been massively successful with both Millennial and Gen X enthusiasts.

The Craigslist ad for this Toy Story Toyota is brief, but the photos tell the story. The pale yellow exterior features a number of well-executed details harkening to the film, including the “Pizza Planet Delivery Shuttle” door decals, “Hows [sic] My Driving?” bumper sticker, white bed cap, and, of course, the iconic black-highlighted  “YO” on the tailgate. The crown jewels, however, have to be the incredible red and white Pizza Planet rocket adorning the truck’s roof and the Woody toy clinging to the rear bumper. The interior photo does illustrate the truck is a bit worn and tired, but the rest of the body appears solid enough to soldier on after some light mechanical refreshing.

Is $2500 too steep for all of this 1990s movie nostalgia? Were it just any ol’ mid-1980s Japanese pickup with 138,000 miles and a description that reads “runs and handles a bit rough,” the answer is maybe. But at the end of the day, this Toy Story tribute offers tons of nostalgia for a pretty minimal investment, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see the seller get close to his asking price—especially when considering the entrance you’d make pulling into Radwood with this Pixar-perfect gem.

I want to fly to Colorado and buy it myself. Try to stop me.

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