Is a R35 Nissan GT-R your Miracle Whip?

Wait, are those wedding bells we hear? Is comedian Byron Bowers finally ready to settle down and commit to his “forever car”? Could a wedding-dress-white R35 Nissan GT-R be the one? We have a good feeling about this.

Sure, Byron has been difficult to please on this season of Donut Media’s Miracle Whips. Yes, he’s had plenty of nice things to say about all the vehicles his friend James picked out on DriveShare, a lineup that includes a 1964 Lincoln, 1969 Camaro SS, 1974 Bronco, 2011 Bentley, and even a K.I.T.T. clone, among others. But when faced with that forever question—If you could drive just one car for the rest of your life, would this be it?—his answer has always been “no.”

(As Byron reminds us in every single episode, cup holders are important!)

This time might be different, however. Byron is love struck from the start. The GT-R has it all: good looks, great personality, and amazing power. “Never in my wildest dreams (did) I think I’d be sitting behind the wheel of a Nissan GT-R. And I’ve had some wild dreams. That’s why I can’t go into PetSmart no more.”

Byron praises the car’s responsiveness—“When I put my foot down, oh sh*t!”—but he admits it makes him a little uneasy. “I can’t lie. This thing is scary! This car has 220 on the dash. No weird rattles or nothing. My adrenaline is high right now. It’s like your friend with that crazy-ass dog. I’m scared, but he’s calm. The car is the calmest thing. The car is calm.”

He applauds the look of the gauges. Plays with the buttons and the performance options. He stretches for more and more adjectives to describe how much fun it is to drive. In a nutshell, he’s blown away.

But Byron has three concerns: “(First,) the only people that’s going to complement you about this car are people that know about this car. (Second,) will I have enough self-control to keep it in automatic calm mode, or will I always want to drive it in beast mode? (And third,) I probably can’t work on this car myself. That’s a major concern for me. I don’t want to be broke down on the side of the road.”

Byron concludes that “this car is an enabler … it makes me irresponsible… it has a mind of its own!” And although it does indeed have cup holders, he complains they’re “too damn big!”

Byron contemplates the situation. “Even with all that going against it, this is one of the most fun car experiences I’ve ever had. So I have to ask myself, ‘Is the Nissan GT-R my Miracle Whip?’”

You just HAVE to watch and find out for yourself. The ending does not disappoint.

Looking for your own Miracle Whip? DriveShare, available online or in the Apple app store, is a great way to enjoy your dream car without having to purchase it. And if you already own a sweet ride, you can rent it and help finance your next project.

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