Graph of the Week: Time on the Market for Classic Cars

Time on the market is a key metric for understanding demand, whether one is talking about real estate, retail inventory, or cars. This list, pulled from a survey of online listings that dates back to January 2015, highlights some of the generations of collectible cars that have the shortest turnover time when they are offered for sale. It is simultaneously affirmative and confusing.

Topping the list is the 2005-06 Ford GT at 66 days to turn, which provides further evidence that Ford’s modern supercar has positively been one of the market’s star performers of the past year. Similarly, 1980s BMW 7- and 6-Series, Pagoda SLs, and early Dodge Vipers have all seen their prices rise, and all are turning quickly when they are offered for sale.

Price changes haven’t been evident yet among some of the other models on this list, but we have observed increasing activity for Pontiac Grand Villes, Oldsmobile Toronados, and Chevrolet SSRs.

Perhaps the biggest standout on the list, however, is the Chevrolet Styleline, which has seen minimal price changes and waning market activity over the past year. Despite these facts, the model has the second lowest listing age at 67 days. Is this model’s supply low enough to offset its low demand, resulting in quick turnover when they do come to market? Or, more interestingly, is this model positioned for a price increase very soon? As the only car of its era to make this list, the Styleline is worth watching.

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