Road music: Top Mustang songs

The Ford Mustang has touched countless car lovers’ lives and has turned people into diehard enthusiasts. Even those who have never looked twice at a car do triple-takes when a Mustang rumbles by. It has moved us in ways that can only be expressed through a fast beat. And as a result, Mustang songs have been listened to on repeat. Here are ten favorite tunes.

My Mustang Ford by Chuck Berry: This humorous song tells a tale of a Mustang that is so fast, that when he hits the gas, he has to backtrack to reach his destination. It’s the ultimate knee-slapping song: the beat is catchy and the laughs are plenty.

Best Lyric:
“I got a nineteen sixty-six cherry red Mustang Ford.
It got a three hundred and eighty five horsepower over load
You know it’s way too fast to be crawlin’ on these interstate roads.”

Shelby GT 356 by The Chesterfield Kings: Released on their 1992 album “Surfin’ Rampage”, this song is about a guy who has a modified Shelby GT 350 that he refers to as a 356. We aren’t sure exactly what combination of engine and stroke or bore would equal a 356 Ford Mustang Shelby GT, but that technicality is forgotten when the song’s energetic, peppy beat fills the speakers.

Best Lyric:
“I got my car and its one of a kind,
It’s a Shelby and it runs real fine,
Cuz the engine is a 356,
At the drags well I never miss.”

Wild, Wild Mustang by Dick Dale & his Deltones: Sixties surf rock fanatics may experience an overload of positive vibrations while listening to this classic. Mustang fans will relish in the details of the featured car: a 289-ci V-8 with a four-speed transmission, Posi-traction, a four-barrel carb and a dual exhaust.

Best lyric:
“I say, ‘Hey Mustang giddy up scout,
Little Deuce Coupe lets drag it out.’
Wild, wild Mustang, go, go.”

Move Out Little Mustang by the Fantastic Baggys/Rally-Packs: With a bold use of harmony and extraordinary energy, “Move Out, Little Mustang” describes a guy cruising the streets in his souped-up Mustang when he’s almost run off the road by a lady driving a 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

Best Lyric:
“Move out, move out, go Little Mustang,
Move out, move out, go Little Mustang,
Move out now, you better hustle quick,
Cause I gotta try to catch that chick.”

65 Mustang by Five for Fighting: Released 2006, alternative rock singer and songwriter Vladimir John Ondrasik III expresses his love for the Mustang. It’s more than just a car, it is life.

Best Lyric:
“My ’65 Mustang rides along,
Every mile’s another song,
And what I don’t remember,
She never forgets,
That little girl ain’t let me down yet.”

Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett: Rumor has it that Sally’s man bought her a new Mustang and she’s running wild. Who wouldn’t? Singer and songwriter Wilson Pickett warns her not to get carried away as he soulfully sings “Guess I have to put your flat feet on the ground!”

Best Lyric:
“Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.
Mustang Sally, think you better slow your mustang down.
You been running all over the town now,
Oh! I guess I’ll have to put your flat feet on the ground.”

“Hopped up Mustang” by Arlen Sanders: A modified Mustang owner fulfills his urge to catch up to (and beat) a Cadillac after his buddies “ribbed him for being behind”. He brought the Mustang to speeds so fast that the passengers were terrified. In the end a helicopter flew by: He ended up in jail and his dad wouldn’t post bail. After all, he warned his son about hopping-up that Mustang.

Best Lyric:
“It’s got a 289 motor, with a special Cobra kit,
There ain’t nothin’ on the road that can even touch it.
It’s got eight carburetors and it uses them all,
With a four-speed stick that just won’t stall.”

Mustang Ford by T-Rex: 1967 English glam-rock band singer-songwriter Marc Bolan is infatuated with his “Mustang Ford”. So much so that his lady seems to be getting jealous, but he continues to sing, “my my my my my my Mustang Ford.”

Best Lyric:
“My baby she knows I’m no fool,
My baby she says ‘hey keep cool,’
My baby don’t realize I’m hypnotized,
It’s all put together with alligator leather.”

Black Sunshine by White Zombie: Released in 1992 with a tempo of 135 beats per minute, this heavy-metal song is a White Zombie fan favorite. Iggy Pop recorded a spoken-word introduction for the final cut, and it sets the scene for the hard rock to follow:

Best Lyric:
“Gripping the wheel, his knuckles went white with desire
The wheels of his Mustang exploding on the highway like a slug from a .45
True death: 400 horsepower of maximum performance piercing the night
This is Black Sunshine.”

Run, Little Mustang by The Zip Codes: What fellow driving his Ford Model A down the road wouldn’t notice a pretty girl driving her Cobra-powered Mustang? Well, this smart man chased her down, later to be married. He even traded in his beloved Model A for a Mustang.

Best Lyric:
“I was driving in my Model A late one night,
When a Cobra-powered Mustang pulled up to the light.
The pretty blonde driver really caught my eye,
I heard her say as she passed me by;
Run little mustang, run away,
Cutest little car in the USA.”

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