Snag this ’64 Corvette used in “Ford v Ferrari”

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We’re not sure how much its movie provenance will influence this Vette’s sale on Bring a Trailer next week, but this 1964 Chevrolet Corvette used in Ford v Ferrari appears to be well-sorted vintage racer clone, packing a healthy small-block and four-speed combo. While it didn’t serve a major role, the Corvette was caught in the eyes of Ken Miles in more than one scene, giving it a few extra bragging rights on the (digital) auction block.

1964 BAT Ford v Ferrari Corvette
Bring a Trailer

The Corvette has been mechanically refreshed both by the fleet managers at the Hollywood Car Company and by its current owner, carrying under its hood a newer 350-cubic-inch small-block along with uprated front springs and Koni shocks. Power is split by the Muncie four-speed and, when combined with the C2’s relatively light weight and those 215-mm tires, it should provide for plenty of entertainment behind the wheel, even without wild horsepower numbers.

It’s hard to say whether its inclusion in the 2019 film will have a major effect on this Vette’s auction value. It’s not a “hero car,” a four-wheeled star driven by one of the main characters—think of the white Challenger in Vanishing Point or the primered Chevy in Two-Lane Blacktop. Instead, this Vette served two roles, amortizing its costs to the production company by wearing the Washburn Chevrolet/Bob Bondurant livery for the Willow Springs scenes and the red Roger Penske Chevrolet livery for the 24 Hours of Daytona scenes, which it retains today.

For the right museum or collector, this Vette would make an unmistakably cool addition as a slice of film history—or, with improved safety gear, a capable vintage racer. Hey, someone needs to take the fight to this Ford v Ferrari Mustang.


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