This low-mileage Pontiac Firehawk is a boon for ‘Bird fans on a budget


For late-model Pontiac F-body fans, it doesn’t get much better than the SLP Firehawk, a tuned version of the already potent V-8 pony car that was available straight from the dealer with the warranty you’d expect from a new car. While not as storied as the ’60s Royal Bobcat Pontiacs, these cars were solid performers at the time and still make for excellent drivers, if you care to rack up the miles.

A 2002 Firehawk recently crossed the blocks at Bring a Trailer with just 6300 miles on the odometer, reminding us once again how much we love the styling on the last of the Pontiac Firebirds.

For 2002, the Firehawks, along with the rest of the LS1-powered F-body line, received the same intake manifold as the LS6 found in the Z06 Corvette. The final edition of the Firehawk package included intake and exhaust upgrades to the 5.7-liter LS1 engine to bump output to 345 horsepower, the same rating as the early LS1 engines used in the C5 Corvette.

2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SLP Firehawk
BaT / brobey1970
2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SLP Firehawk
BaT / brobey1970

2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SLP Firehawk
BaT / brobey1970

It wasn’t just the power that got a boost, however. You can ID a Firehawk thanks to its twin-scoop hood with heat extractors and unique 17-inch, five-spoke wheels. Those wheels were fitted with ZR-rated tires—Firestone Firehawks, naturally­. Finally, some suspension upgrades firmed up the handling to create a complete package that honed all of the Firebird’s inherent strengths.

The current value for 2002 SLP Firehawks in #1 (Concours) condition is $37,500. Hagerty valuation specialist and Pontiac fanatic Greg Ingold notes, “I’ve seen asking prices for lower mile cars upwards of $40,000.” This car looked to be in great shape, although what little wear and tear it did see looks to place it in the #2 (Excellent) category.

With less than eight minutes left in the auction, the price stood at $20,000, but as the time ticked down, a flurry of bids came in as three buyers fought for the Firehawk. A final bid of $25,000 means a total sale price of $26,2500 and a good buy for a rare, desirable Pontiac from the final year of Firebird production.

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