2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition gets a little lighter and a lot more yellow

Now that Americans have adjusted to Civic Type Rs roaming U.S. shores, Honda is adding a dash of exclusivity with a limited-edition Type R. Naturally, it’ll be called the 2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition. In short, it’s a little fiercer and a lot more yellow.

The new Phoenix Yellow paint scheme harkens back to this bright hue worn by the 8400-rpm Integra Type R, which notched a place on our most recent Bull Market list. Time will tell whether the new Civic’s origami creases will age as well as the understated ’90s vibes of the Integra, but Honda certainly wants screaming yellow to trigger all kinds of great Japanese performance associations. Naturally, you’ll get lots of black-gloss trim to help the bright paint pop.

The 306-hp turbocharged four-cylinder remains untouched for the Limited Edition Type R, but Honda did lighten the overall curb weight. Gone are the rear wiper and heater ducts, while Honda also stripped out various sound deadening materials. All told there is a total of 46 pounds removed, including 18 pounds of unsprung weight trimmed by swapping in forged aluminum BBS wheels. The suspension dampers and steering calibration were lightly tuned for improved control and feedback.

While rowing through the six-speed manual in the Limited Edition Type R, you’ll be racking up a vast amount of data via the car’s onboard computer—which you can now easily access via Honda’s new LogR app. You’ll have some data displayed for you on the in-dash screen, but once you’ve finished your track day (assuming you plugged your phone into your Type R while doing so), you can unplug your phone and use the app to analyze your performance.

Honda also worked up an Auto Score, which records your acceleration, deceleration, and steering data and compiles a score comparing you to a “pro-driver baseline.” The car will also color-code different laps based on the smoothness of your shifting, braking, and general on-track demeanor. (It’s basically Strava, but for drivers. Who only drive Honda Civic Type Rs.) Honda says the app will be available to download sometime this spring, and it will work with both the Limited Edition and standard 2020 Civic Type R.

Including destination, the Type R currently rings in at $37,950. We’re not sure yet what each of the 600 Limited Edition models will cost—Honda says that information will be revealed closer to the car’s launch—but it will likely carry a premium. We’re guessing the exclusivity and special paint to be the main attraction, since any Type R owner is free to yank the rear wiper and tear out sound deadening in the quest for best lap times, and the 2020 Type R’s damping and steering are pretty well dialed-in as is.

Can’t resist the Phoenix Yellow pull? Get in line for the Limited Edition, because our guess is that Honda diehards are going to snap them up in a hurry.

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