This Week On Hagerty Marketplace: A Rogue, A Triumph, A Wonderful W114

Hagerty Marketplace

Welcome to This Week on Hagerty Marketplace, a recurring recap of the previous week’s most noteworthy cars and significant sales from the Hagerty Marketplace online auctions.

Some cool vintage rides sold last week on the Hagerty Marketplace, so we picked three very different vehicles to highlight all the action.

1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500

Hagerty Marketplace

Sold for $13,108

British sports cars continue to be a fantastic value in the classic vehicle market, and this Triumph Spitire proves the point. While it’s a later model with Malaise Era big bumpers, this example sports thin chrome bumpers from a pre-1979 model. Then factor in the appeal of dark green paint, Minilite-style alloy wheels, a leather and wood interior, and a strong service history, and this Triumph is likely to provide thrills with the next owner for many years to come.

1969 AMC Rambler Rogue

Hagerty Marketplace

Sold for $20,603

The third generation Rambler (1964-69) sported clean lines and offered tremendous bang for the buck when new. This range-topping 1969 Rambler Rogue sports an inline-six engine with an automatic transmission. While not necessarily the stuff of muscle car dreams, the price reflects the rarity, originality, and overall excellent condition of this AMC. And it answers the question, “Is any clean American coupe from the 1960s even remotely affordable these days?” with a resounding yes.

1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 C

Hagerty Marketplace

Sold for $21,400

The W114 280 C was theoretically a less prestigious vehicle than the W208 S-class, but its postwar design signaled a new era in Mercedes-Benz engineering prowess. These models were powered by robust six-cylinder engines and the coupes had unique coachwork that made them significantly sleeker looking than their sedan stablemates. It makes for a solid European classic with more than a flair for extravagance. This vehicle’s originality with reasonable upgrades (its modern air conditioning compressor is highly recommended) makes this sale on the Hagerty Marketplace a great purchase for the buyer.


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    Lots of buzz about AMCs on this site recently, and then this example pops up to reinforce all the talk about what great little cars they could be!

    All look nice. I am not much on reducing originality, but the Spitfire had especially bad-looking bumpers in 1979-1980, so I can see why these were changed out.

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