Hagerty Marketplace – A Reimagined Classifieds Experience Featuring Fun-to-Drive Cars Across the Make, Model, and Price Spectrum

Interested in buying or selling collectible, exotic, or fun-to-drive cars? Hagerty Marketplace has you covered. Each year Hagerty observes its insurance members buying or selling over a quarter of million collector cars. “Hagerty Marketplace is about giving our members a safe, secure, and easy way to buy and sell vehicles,” said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty. “It’s also about doubling down on our commitment as a company to save driving and car culture for future generations.”

What is Hagerty Marketplace?

It’s a digital classifieds platform where anyone is welcome to buy cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The vehicles are sold by Hagerty Drivers Club (HDC) members and best of all there are no fees for the buyer or seller!

Every single vehicle posted on Hagerty Marketplace is for sale by a Hagerty Drivers Club member.

Does it cost to sell a vehicle on Hagerty Marketplace?

Through Hagerty’s reimagined classifieds experience, HDC members can list vehicles for sale without any fees on the Marketplace platform. Hagerty Marketplace features a built-in messaging and offer system, and wide reach through Hagerty’s ecosystem of millions of collectors and enthusiasts. Classified listings are featured in Hagerty email marketing, social media sites, newsletters and more. Once your vehicle is posted on classifieds, it’ll be marketed to millions of car-lovers.

Does it cost to buy a vehicle on Hagerty Marketplace?

On the purchasing side there are no buyer’s fees regardless of vehicle price. Buyers can shop fun-to-drive cars across the make, model, and price spectrum. Searches can be narrowed down by location, mileage, price, etc. and potential buyers can create watch lists of cars they are interested in.

Hagerty Marketplace has vehicles for every kind of enthusiast. Marketplace features everything from non-running project cars for $1,000, restomod muscle cars and modern imports, all the way to six or seven figure fully restored masterpieces. There are even classic wooden boats and former race cars.

Looking for a project car? Hagerty Marketplace has them.
Or are you ready to spring for a fully restored dream car? We have those as well.

How does Hagerty Marketplace work?

A free account is required to comment, message, and make an offer. Want the best Marketplace experience? Sign up for Hagerty Drivers Club (it’s only $70/year!) and experience all of the exclusive benefits including unlimited to access to Hagerty Valuation Tools — our comprehensive guide to current market trends. See something you like? Reach out to the seller directly to ask questions and get more information. When you’re ready, make an offer with the “Make offer” button or via Marketplace messaging.

All details, including final price, transfer of payment, and vehicle hand-off are handled directly between you and the seller. Drivers Club members receive up to 10% off vehicle shipping with Reliable Carriers, so if you’re not already a member, now would be a great time to sign up. Hagerty Drivers Club is the ultimate community for car lovers featuring expert support, VIP experiences, and original award-winning automotive media content.

A unique aspect that Hagerty brings to its classifieds listings is information about insurance prices and a link to the Hagerty Valuation Tools where shoppers can easily research the current values of the models they’re interested in. Hagerty Marketplace is designed to connect enthusiasts with their next dream car and furthers Hagerty’s purpose to save driving and preserve car culture for future generations.

For more information visit our How it Works page or contact us: 1-888-501-8815 or marketplace@hagerty.com

Road legal or not, any cool vehicle can be sold on Marketplace.
Hagerty Marketplace is community driven and features no fees.
Whether you are looking for a classic car, or a modern classic, Hagerty Marketplace is a great place to explore vehicles listings, post comments, and ask questions.
Got something special hiding in a barn, list it on Marketplace!
Even cool motorcycles and boats can be sold on Hagerty Marketplace.
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    Hi I have my 1969 Chevrolet El Camino listed in your classified. I also had it listed in your auction last week, however it did not sell. Is there any way I can get someone to move those pictures and videos to my classified add as well as the videos? Thank you!

    I want to see a 1950 Damiler. You tell me the Vin number can not be found. I can’t find any place on Haggarty to ask a question

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