Graph of the Week: Big Growth in the Number of Trucks Coming to Auction

Recently, the term “collector car auction” has actually been painting an incomplete picture, as more and more classic trucks are making their way across the block at just about every sale, regardless of location or auction company. It’s even gotten to the point that any auction that doesn’t include a Toyota FJ40 almost seems like it’s missing something. Specifically, the number of trucks selling at auction has grown by a remarkable 90 percent over the last three and a half years from 1,315 in January 2012 to 2,500 in June 2015.

The reason for this growth is mostly economic. Trucks are generally cheaper to buy, with an average sale price around 25 percent lower than cars. Parts availability and interchangeability with similar car models are another strength. As values for certain cars have grown beyond the reach of many enthusiasts, they have turned to vintage trucks as a more practical alternative to stay in the hobby.

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