Garage-find 1968 Porsche 911 is a patina-spotted beauty

Just when you think they’ve all been found, a long-forgotten, original, low-mileage Porsche 911 just turns up on eBay. And not some rust-bucket either—the body is reportedly solid, gaps are perfect, glass and outer trim are unscathed, and the vinyl interior looks absolutely cherry.

This lovely 1968 model featured on was parked in a New York garage for nearly 50 years. There’s even a newspaper from 1971, and the car was most recently registered in 1973. Porschephiles will appreciate desirable options like Fuchs wheels, through-grille fog lights, a sunroof, sway bars, and a leather steering wheel. The odometer shows just 15,479 miles.

The only glaring physical defect—if you can call it that when it comes to hot barn finds—is the faded, cracked, and rust-spotted paint. Everything looks intact and well-preserved, but there’s no word on the condition of the flat-six engine or if it runs. It boggles the mind how somebody could just leave a wonderful car like this to languish alone and unloved for so long, but hopefully it will get the good treatment it deserves in the near future.

So far, bidding is up to $70,000 and the reserve has yet to be hit. For reference, values range from $45,000 for cars in #4 (Fair) condition to $127,000 for #1-condition (Concours) cars. Tack on 10 percent for a five-speed manual gearbox, 10 percent for a factory sunroof, and 10 percent for air conditioning. Bidding ends in three days, so if you need this old Stuttgart special in your life, time’s a-wastin’.

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