From fire to mud, this JDM Land Cruiser fire truck is ready to tackle the elements


The members of the Hagerty Media staff are just as prone to falling down the rabbit holes of wacky Craigslist searches as are any other enthusiasts. Our very own Grace Houghton is one of the worst offenders, but we can credit her with uncovering this gem, a Japanese-market 1986 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 fire truck. It’s up for sale with an asking price of $30,000 and is located just outside of Seattle.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 fire truck rear
via Craigslist

Land Cruisers, from the Jeep-like FJ40 to the more accommodating wagon models that followed, have been a favorite of off-roaders and collectors for years. This pristine example, with just about 6000 miles on the odometer, is equally suited to tackling some trails or rounding out an eclectic JDM collection. It would also look nice parked next to this pint-sized fire truck.

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 fire truck
via Craigslist

Opening the doors reveals that this right-hand-drive model has a pristine, if austere, interior. It’s got vinyl seats, a radio with a PA system, and a myriad of shifters. One of those shifters is for the five-speed manual, another’s for the transfer case, and the third is presumably for the PTO that powers a water pump. The pump is mounted under the rear bench seat and does eat a bit into the cargo capacity of a model that initially left the factory as a wagon. Rather than ample cargo room behind the rear seat, there’s a divider and rear window to separate the occupants from the firefighting equipment in the rear of the ‘Cruiser. All of the proper gear, from hoses to nozzles, are included, so this truck could actually return to duty if the new owners needed to service an out-of-the-way venue.

Powering this Land Cruiser, and all the J60-series Land Cruisers that were imported here in left-hand-drive, is the venerable 2F inline-six built by Toyota that’s based on GMC’s line of heavy-duty truck powerplants that debuted in the 1930s. The sturdy engines are known for their longevity but are not terribly speedy. They’re workhorses, not thoroughbreds. This particular engine, as well as the truck’s undercarriage, looks to be in great condition.

The listing notes that the vehicle is almost completely original, except for a water pump, some belts, and hoses. Well, that and the wheels, which have been updated from the original split rims (commonly found on military vehicles) to the current, single-piece wheels that were powder-coated to match the body. The wheels are fitted with a set of 33-inch all-terrain tires that fill the wheel wells nicely. Included in the sale are the original wheels, however, if factory-correct appearances are a priority for a prospective buyer.

Lots of these ’80s Land Cruiser wagons served family-hauling duty and were later adapted to more extreme weekend off-road use. This one would make for an interesting overlanding build. What do you say? Should this pump truck keep its fire-fighting equipment intact?

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 fire truck
via Craigslist
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