Yes, you definitely need a JDM kei-sized fire truck

Think of all the possibilities. You could haul smaller items using a kei-sized Japanese fire truck with a pickup bed, and when it comes to the more complex fire-fighting offerings of Duncan Imports & Classic Cars, you could use one to water your plants all around the estate. Red vehicles are officially faster than those sporting lesser shades, and when it comes to rarity, it’s not like your friends could roll up in a 1993 Daihatsu HiJet Deck Van fire truck.

Gary Duncan’s Virginia-based JDM heaven is perhaps America’s most well-known source of odd Japanese-market vehicles, and when it comes to small fire trucks, it’s not even a competition. Currently, Duncan Imports has nine decommissioned Japanese fire warriors for sale, priced $7900–$17,900.

How about a 1989 Mitsubishi MiniCab 4WD?

jdm firetruck front three-quarter
Duncan Imports & Classics

Four-speed manual, less than 4000 miles, four-wheel drive. A pinnacle of the kei class at a reasonable price. Perhaps you’d rather a 1993 Daihatsu HiJet Deck Van? Three-cylinder power with a four-speed, also available in the 1995 flatbed edition with a five-speed. Need something bigger, like a 1992–93 Toyota Hyace? Go wild, there are three waiting for you in Virginia.

jdm firetruck side-view
Duncan Imports & Classics

Also playing in that class is a 1994 Nissan Atlas-based fire truck packing a beefy 2.7-liter four-cylinder with 9929 miles in it. However, real connoisseurs will no doubt be looking for Datsuns instead of Nissans, regardless of how cool this 1986 six-cylinder Nissan Safari 4WD is.

Behold, the equally Nissan-based and four-wheel drive 1988 Datsun fire truck. A checkered tan interior, a usable pickup bed with racks, a paint job as red as the rising sun on the Japanese flag.

jdm firetruck front
Duncan Imports & Classics
jdm firetruck front dash gauges
Duncan Imports & Classics

jdm firetruck front interior
Duncan Imports & Classics

Be prepared, drive small, conquer all. Frankly, it’s time you had a JDM fire truck.

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