Who doesn’t want a double decker bus?

If you have been searching for something with some character to convert into a food truck or motor coach, look no further than this Leyland Titan listed on Craigslist in Maine.

That’s right, a true double decker that screams its English heritage louder than the Phoenix on the hood of Bandit’s Trans Am. This one’s a little rough around the edges. Actually, make that rough all around. Claimed to be a “genuine former London bus,” this skyscraper of a people hauler made the trip across the sea at some point in its half century of motoring.

The model is a Titan, which was produced by Leyland Motors in two runs—1927-42 and 1945-69. The ad for this particular bus doesn’t get more specific than saying it is from the ‘50s, but regardless of production year the overall height is in 15-foot territory, which would make it perfect for race track spectating.

The asking price, just over $10,000, seems a high starting point for an ambitious project—no matter how righteous the finished product would be. Driving the forward-control, right-hand-drive bus on U.S roads sounds like a handful, meaning it might be better suited to a more stationary life. The price is also $10,000 over the 24 Hours of Lemons racing price cap, though the entire content team at Hagerty would love to see this Union-Jack-painted hulk turn a lap or two at just about any racetrack.

It is fun to think about the possibilities for this piece of towering bus, and since anything would require massive amounts of work it is that much easier to go wild with thoughts of what to build. If you have better ideas than ours, let us know what they are in the comments below. Ice cream truck? Use it as a live-in race hauler after converting the bottom level to hold a vintage Morris Mini Minor? Let’s hear what you’ve got.

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