Classic Classified: 1965 Ford Mustang GT

From: Hemmings Motor News, December 1983

Price then: $9,000 ($21,900 adjusted for inflation)

Price now:$32,200–>$80,500

Approximate dollar difference: $58,600 (assuming No. 1 condition)

Annual rate of return: 3.9%

1965 GT K 289, 271 hp hi-po 4-speed, Rangoon red with red deluxe pony interior, factory correct, mechanics excellent, low mileage, fresh clutch and lacquer finish, $11,000 Cdn/$9,000 U.S.

The Ford Mustang is not only an icon among car lovers, but it’s an icon of American culture, and few early examples (aside from Shelbys) are more sought after than the “K” code 289 Hi-Po cars. This was this engine that cemented the Mustang as a legitimate performance car and Carroll Shelby used it to power his first GT350s. While Mustangs have a history of holding their value no matter the economy, the Hi-Po Mustangs have seen more rapid appreciation. The original buyer of this example was not only picking out the top Mustang for 1965, but a highly optioned one to boot. A 3.9-percent rate of return year over year is nothing to scoff at; over 34 years, it more than keeps pace with inflation and nets a little extra to take to the bank. Looking at the Mustang in pure investment terms, this is one of the better ones to stumble upon.

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