This Volvo 240 is perfectly worn-in, like your favorite pair of sneakers


Like that oh-so-comfortable recliner in the living room that you can’t even hint at throwing away without incurring Dad’s wrath, some things take time to wear in just right. Cars can be the same way. Sometimes you need to put on thousands of miles before the leather seats soften or the shifter glides perfectly through the gears. But if waiting isn’t your thing, this 1993 Volvo 240 Wagon on Bring a Trailer is a time-honed masterpiece that you can buy right now.  

You’d be excused for thinking the 180,000 miles on the odometer is a red flag, because while the car isn’t factory-fresh, it appears lightly used and very well cared for. At 25 years old, the white paint and black present like a much younger car, with no major damage and only minimal imperfections. A clean Carfax report only confirms this car has been babied from the get-go.

Photos of the interior depict the dashboard and simple switchgear in perfect condition. The leather front bucket seats seem unscathed by years of usage and invite many more miles of road trip comfort. This wagon also includes the always-cool (though, not all that comfortable-looking) rear-facing seat option that we wish would make a comeback in modern cars. Who doesn’t have amazing memories of road trips from back there? Save for the floor mat wear, it would be difficult to tell that this 240 has 180,000 miles on the clock.

1993 Volvo 240 Wagon 3/4 front
1993 Volvo 240 Wagon BaT
1993 Volvo 240 Wagon 3/4 rear
1993 Volvo 240 Wagon BaT

1993 Volvo 240 Wagon rear facing seat
1993 Volvo 240 Wagon BaT

Mechanicals follow suit, with the seller’s images showing the 2.3-liter four cylinder nestled in a spotless engine bay. The four-speed automatic is reported to have received a new overdrive solenoid and transmission pan within the last 6000 miles, with an overall tuneup and general maintenance items replaced within the last 10,000 miles. The only mechanical issue noted is light grease and oil seepage from the engine and a few small holes in the tailpipe. For car of this age and usage, that’s pretty remarkable.

Older Volvos are well known for their brick-like construction, and the 240 Wagon is among the most famous of the rugged Swedes. And it’s not just build quality that’s holding up. Our recent market analyses show values of these boxy beauties holding strong and poised to increase. Wagons are particularly desirable, carrying as much as a 25-percent premium over sedan counterparts.

At a current bid of $5750 and 6 hours to go, this perfectly worn Volvo 240 wagon might just end up as one of the better deals of 2018. Excellent, low-mileage examples in the Northwest can go for as much as $25,000, however, with its better-than-average condition, we wouldn’t be shocked if this one crossed the $10,000 threshold. The real question how much is it worth to be part of your collection? Whatever that number may be, you better act soon.

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